Twitterview with Sara Soli

@JoelECarlson: Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s Twitterview with @ssoli of @MNMOmag. Lets bring some sunshine to gray/rainy day.

Q – #1    So @ssoli, tell us about yourself. Where did you grow up and go to school? What was your first job as an adult?

Sara: I grew up in So. MN – Granada to be exact. I attended @UofStThomasMN for undergrad in PR.

I also received my grad degree from @USTbusiness. My first “adult” job was in marketing @PioneerPress.

Q – #2    What got you interested in PR, and then where did your job with the @PioneerPress lead you?

Sara: PR seemed to marry biz and personality which really appealed to me.

After 7+ yrs. @PioneerPress I found an exciting job @MNMOmag.

Q – #3    What is your role at @MNMOmag, and what other publications are you involved with?

Sara: I head up the Mktg Team for Greenspring Media Group. We publish @MNMOmag @MidwestHomeMag @MeetingsMHJ plus

Where:TC, Real Food, Drinks and more great pubs. We also produce #luxuryhometour, #foodwineshow, #chefchallenge, . ..

Q – #4    So quite few? :) How would you say print media has had to change in the past 5-10yrs due to the internet and social media?

Sara: Honestly, publishing today means print plus interactive – online and soc. media

Everything we do has multiple approaches, print, digital, social, event, etc…

Q – #5    For sure. More about YOU. Favorite(s): Restaurant, store, comfort food, recent book/movie and a hobby of yours.

Sara: We are blessed in the TC to have a multitude of great restaurants – it is too hard to name a fav. Shopping is …

pure bliss and I will shop anytime/anywhere. Most movies are animated lately (kids) – Gnomeo and Juliet was cute…

As far as hobbies beyond representing @MNMOmag around town, I enjoyed running and my family and friends.

Q – #6    What do you feel makes MSP such a great place for marketing and publishing?

Sara: We have a weatlh of creative talent in this market. Our ad and pr agencies are top notch, we are one of the only …

markets to have 2 daily newspapers, 2 long-standing city regional publications and strong radio and tv representation.

All of those make for a great environment for mktg and publishing – as well as living in an educated & active city.

Q – #7    To close, what kind of schooling/skills would you encourage people to get in order to get into your line of work?

Sara: Education is always important, I would suggest studying mktg, biz, pr, etc. Internships are also key … they provide

hands on experience and connections. Volunteering for non-profits can also provide great experience and build your …

resume and portfolio. Lastly, I would say hard work and focus. You are in charge of your own career.

@JoelECarlson: Thanks @ssoli for your time, comments and advice today. Keep up the good work!

Sara: Thanks @JoelECarlson! It was my pleasure.

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