Twitterview with Cory Vandenberghe

@JoelECarlson: Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s Twitterview with @CoryVandy of @SnapSocial. Lets get this Monday started off right!

Cory: Good Afternoon @joelecarlson . Thanks for this unique interview.

Q – #1    To start with @CoryVandy, tell us where you grew up, went to HS and where did you go to college?

Cory: Grew up in Maple Grove. Graduated over a decade ago. Attended UMD for Marketing, Management w/a Psychology Minor. Loved #Duluth!

Q – #2    I see. Would you say that Psych helps people who are involved with Marketing have an edge or advantage with their work?

Cory: I think so. Often as marketers we have to think from our customer’s customer point of view and what motivates them to engage.

Often web projects involve a team. So having a Psychology background can also help in better understanding team members & motivation.

Q – #3    Okay. Now after graduating from UMD, what did you start doing for work?

Cory: After UMD, I worked for a video streaming startup. Helped w/marketing, trade shows, prod. ass’t. & got cert. in #FinalCut on the Mac

In 2006 started @digitalives to better represent myself in the marketplace to provide video & marketing services.

At that time @youtube was just getting big, Podcasting had potential to tie brands w/ video/content & w/passionate individuals.

Also in 2006, got introduced to a web design company looking for an Account Manager that could sell & serve clients in Duluth/MPLS

Q – #4    How did you end up at @SnapSocial, and what is your role there?

Cory: I worked @totalcontrol for 4yrs. In Nov. got laid off. By noon I was back working @digitalives (freelance –> full time). #fallback

Called up @georgeleemn a contact from @courageski. Stars aligned & a negative exp. became a positive. He was starting @snapsocial

@snapsocial is a div. of @Probusonetouch a very successful e-commerce company. I manage a team doing @wordpress sites + Social Media

Q – #5    Cool story! In addition to @snapsocial, are their any groups that you also work with/for?

Cory: Involved on the boards w/3 non-profits: @adfedmn (@golferoo), @courageski & @UMD_Alumni. All 3 are groups I’m very passionate about.

Our next event for @adfedmn: @golferoo on July 15th at Como Golf Course. Early reg. ends June 15th. Sponsors welcome. #shamelessplug

Q – #6    More about YOU – Favorite(s): Restaurant, store, comfort food, hobby/sport and place to vacation.

Cory: Favorites: Food @travailkitchen Vacation ski @coppermtn w/family. Store: Apple Sports: Hockey, Volleyball, Softball, Soccer, Cycling

Love to grill & cook. So part of comfort food is actually making it, not just enjoying it. Steak w/mushrooms & blue cheese is a fav.

Q – #7    To close, what advice would you give to people looking to get into your line of work?

Cory: Learn to network & hustle. Never stop learning about all aspects of PR, web, social, marketing. It’s all converging.

@JoelECarlson: Good points @CoryVandy! Thank you very much for you time and your comments today. Have a great week, and enjoy grilling!

Cory: Thanks @joelecarlson for the Twitterview. This was fun! Looking forward to @ssoli WED at 3pm & @nicolenavratil FRI at 1pm CST

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