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Corey Anderson, Web Editor/Creative Director at MinnPost

Posted by on Wednesday, 27 June, 2012

Good afternoon everybody! Sorry for the delay. Today’s #jectv Twitterview is with @CoreyLAnderson of the @MinnPost. Lets go!

Corey:    For a second, I thought I was going to get twood up by

So Corey, share a little about yourself. Where did you grow up and go to school?

Corey:    I grew up on a farm south of Hector, MN (pop.1,110 or so) and moved to Mpls after high school to attend MCAD

What did you focus on learning at MCAD, and how did you get to start using your schooling in the workforce?

Corey:    I studied illustration and graphic design while at MCAD – long enough ago that it involved marker renderings & colored pencils

… as well as some preliminary computer graphic design. Soon after graduating I got a job designing ads for Comedy Gallery…

… show biz! The big time! Laid off after six months. Soon became an intern, then fulll-time at @citypages.

When did you connect with @MinnPost, and how did the redesign of their website go at the early stages?

Corey:    I joined MinnPost in Aug ’07, a few months before launch. Thanks to @bigboxcar, then @Kaeti and @gortonstudios, redesign was

not a very painful experience. We knew how we wanted to improve the site – the look, user experience, etc and took our time.

That’s good! Once the redesign was done, what kind of response has there been to it and has traffic improved?

Corey:    Very positive from most on design and more pages viewed per visit, which was one of our top goals…

Mobile numbers are up as well – the reactive design has enabled better @MinnPost reading on mobile and pads.

That’s great! It’s a nice design for sure. So beyond your work, what other interest/hobbies do you enjoy?

Corey:    I play bocce on Tuesdays at @NomadPubMpls trying to love camping. Any activity where you can also drink beer – I’m in.

I’m also in a book club – current pick is “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.” Very good so far.

Do you get to network with the web design community in MN much? If so, what’s the skill level here?

Corey:    I’d like to more. During the initial growth stage at @MinnPost I was sort of chained to my desk, but more recently…

‘ve been able to attend some breakfasts, ONA meetings, etc. Great MN designers & journalists and I need to know more.

Joel:    Thanks Corey for your time today and sharing some of your thoughts and life on #jectv Twitterviews. Have a great afternoon!

Corey:    Thank you, Joel, it was very fun! Hope to see you in real life over a beer some time.

Twitterview with Sanna Lee

Posted by on Monday, 4 October, 2010

@JoelECarlson – She isn’t known for her baked goods, but is good with her web work. It’s local techie @Sanna_Lee. Lets start her Twitterview!

Q – #1    So @sanna_lee, where did you grow up, what HS did you attend and what kind of schooling or training did you get after that?

A: Hi Joel! I grew up in Brainerd and went to the local HS for my sophomore year, after that my fam moved to MSP & I

attended a local Community College during HS to graduate w/my AA degree + HS diploma. After that I went to the U of M

Q – #2    I see. Now what kind of coursework did you take at the #UofM?

A: I was an aspiring chem student (& loved it). Then turned down a internship at Medtronic to get into the marketing side

at a local medical device testing company, which was ultimately acquired by Bose Corp.

You could say I took the road less traveled!

Q – #3    So what then lead you from Bose Corp. to having your own company that does web design and marketing?

A: I have to back up to the internship offer from Medtronic, where I spent the day seeing the inner workings of a world

class medical engineering company. This is where I decided science is not for me and instead followed my passion.

While working in my initial marketing position, I realized the future of marketing is internet based.

Upon developing extensive industry contacts, I seized the opportunity to start my own business serving the

unfilled niche of mid-sized companies.

Q – #4    Now you kind of have an “international team” of co-workers. Care to explain that?

A: Great question! I’m a dual-citizen of #Finland & the US. It just so happens that many of our developers have immigrated

to the US as well. The international cultural connections within my group, allow us to tap into resources around

the world on behalf of our clients, which is part of our competitive advantage. However, we believe in keeping work

domestic and the vast majority of our labor costs are paid to local and domestic developers & designers.

Q – #5    Lets shift gears from work. What are your FAVS: Favorite – restaurant, store, gadget and Fall activity?

A: I’ll start w/activity: I’m a black-belt in #teakwondo and hugely enjoy spinning classes @LifetimeFitness. As for food:

I absolutely LOVE @benihana and must mention the bull-bites @axelsbonfire (they are to die for). My favorite gadget is

my compass. I would be lost without it. lol. (What do you expect, I’m from Brainerd – we love our #Minnesota outdoors).

Q – #6    Interesting, a compass. :) Now are you a traveler at all with the background that you have?

A: Of course! I’ve traveled internationally on 15+ occasions (mostly to Finland & Europe in my childhood). Also have

traveled domestically & have thoroughly ‘explored Minnesota’ (pun intended). I must list Duluth as one of my

fave MN destinations. :)

Q – #7    What is a NEW plan that you have for your company in the very new future, and what advice or mantra can you share to end?

A: Our New plan… :) I am excited to soon unveil a new brand identity (includes name) for my business. Stay tuned.

And mantra: Carpe Diem. hands down. (I live by this saying.)

@JoelECarlson – Thank you for sharing some of your personal and professional life today @sanna_lee. Enjoy your afternoon and week!

@Sanna_Lee – Thank you Joel – I enjoyed the Twitterview & look forward to following your future interviews via the #jectv hashtag.