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Twitterview with Lanae Paaverud

Posted by on Thursday, 3 March, 2011

@JoelECarlson – Hello everybody, and welcome to the Twitterview 2.0 of @SocialNetNanny. She likes music, so turn up the radio, iPod or @Pandora.

@SocialNetNanny – Awesome!

Q – #1    What’s new with you since our 1st Twitterview together?  (You are No.22 and it happened on April 1st 2010.)

Lanae: Wow, it was April Fools day? I didn’t realize that LOL Things have gotten more busy w/the Nanny :-)

I was interviewed by @ToryJohnson for a @GMA segment & *bam* things took off big time last year!

I’ve met SO many great business owners over the last year – wide range of businesses, always interesting.

Q – #2    Working with Social Media, have you found that people and businesses are becoming more open to using it?

Lanae: Yes, more businesses R realizing the need for Social Media & now ask ‘how’ vs ‘why’…which is a very good thing.

And I honestly smile when I see a site, ad, store front with the Facebook & Twitter logos promoting Social Networking!

Q – #3    What do you think has helped people/businesses to be more open to Social Media as a comm/mrktg tool?

Lanae: First off they’ve had more time to digest it & watch it grow. To many something new, & of this size, is a bit scary

Next you have word of mouth, from colleagues, employees…people who’s opinion they value. And sometimes competitors.

Having larger companies @BestBuy @Twelpforce @DepotMpls @TwinCities_Live keep a constant presence is very influential.

And of course it’s all the user thru business ID’s and personal ID’s…people are helping people :-)

Q – #4    As a big user of #Facebook, there seems to be #buzz about their constant updates. What changes would you make?

Lanae: Facebook changes I would make: ‘no notices’ button per post / ‘dislike’ button / Alphabatize Fans / Multi-categ Pages

And I would LOVE for Facebook tabs to be moved back to where they were; giving the option of 2 rows of tabs ;-)

Q – #5    Explain what you mean by:  ‘no notices’ button per post.

Lanae: If Facebook is set to email/notify you of replies to post you comment on…ability to turn it “off” for specific posts.

If I really want to comment I will do a separate post to person’s FB wall about topic, so as to avoid lots of notices.

Q – #6    Ah, yes. I agree with that. As a mom, (working mom is redundant right?) how do you manage your biz & family?

Lanae: Agreed re “working Moms”-all moms work, just not all get paid for most important job IMHO ;-) I was SAHM for many years

Mom & Biz is definitely a juggling act, but being a Momprenuer gives me flexibility. I’m honest w/family about biz…

If I have something urgent or very important they know to not disturb me unless necessary. Otherwise my “door is…

..always open” & my cell is on for texts/calls from kids. My family is my #1 priority :-) + their support helped me!

Q – #7    That’s awesome! Last question, to those looking to get their “feet wet” into the Social Media Ocean, 1 bit of advice.

Lanae: “Do it” Dip your toes, go in a bit further…U can always step back, dry off & reflect…but I bet you’ll be hooked ;-)

And if you make a mistake, so what…it can be corrected, often they’re overlooked…it happens to everyone ;-)

Of course for those who want/need help with Social Networking…I am here :-) Plus great peeps online w/help.

@JoelECarlson – THANKS @SocialNetNanny for your time and sharing some of your life & business thoughts today on #jectv! Stay warm today! :)

@SocialNetNanny – Thank you Joel – it was loads of fun! *~*Congratulations*~* on 1 year Twitterview Ann.! Great idea – huge success!

Twitterview with Katrina Szish

Posted by on Monday, 28 February, 2011

@JoelECarlson – Hello everyone and welcome to my Post-Oscars Twitterview with @KatrinaSzish. Lights, camera, action!

@KatrinaSzish – So much to discuss today! Fashion, co-hosts, speeches…

Q – #1    Before we get into the awards, a little bit about you. Where did you grow up? How did you get into fashion?

A: I grew up in Wyomissing, PA and always loved fashion. I modeled for many years but stopped when I got into Harvard

Q – #2    Harvard, wow! What did you major in, and then how did you get into reporting on fashion?

A: Studied English Lit and upon graduation moved to NYC and interned at CNN Style with Elsa Klensch. Moved on to VOGUE and GQ as editor

Then left magazines for TV and never looked back! Pop culture, fashion and entertainment are my primary “beats”

Q – #3    Very cool! Let now then move on to the #Oscars. What was your impression of how the hosts did and their fashion?

A: Enjoyed Anne Hathaway’s EIGHT costume changes, but I was disappointed by the “hip” hosts. Anne tried, James didn’t.

Billy Crystal should come back. The moment he took the stage, everyone seemed to let out a collective sigh of relief.

Was looking forward to the new era of Oscar hosting, but it fell flat — felt contrived and forced. James was way off.

Q – #4    Agreed. Of the presenters at the #oscars, who did you enjoy the most and who impressed you the least?

A: I thought Justin Timberlake’s “admission” to being Banksy was funny, and I love Mila Kounis’ insouciance — good pair!

Josh Brolin/Javiar Bardem were awkward (and the matching white coats were odd). Jude/Robert Downey banter was amusing

Reese is always a class act (though didn’t love her look). @IAMJHUD seemed nervous. So did Gwyneth during her solo!

Q – #5    There were some definite highs & lows. I have to agree though with @MrJayManuel, I did like Reese’s look. Best speech?

A: knows I think Reese looked like a bad prom goer. : ) Christian Bale’s speech felt the most authentic. I appreciated his

(cont) …humility and his ability to poke fun at himself (the expletive comment re: Melissa Leo). He was real.

I wanted to love Natalie’s speech, dress, etc., but she also seemed “off.” Also wished she had given Mila a shout-out!

Funny thing about Reese’s look — men seemed to loved it, women not so much. And I usually LOVE Reese!

Q – #6    I understand the 1k “thank you’s”, but if they’re said at #GoldenGlobes, why repeat at the #Oscars? Best men fashion?

A: Well, because it’s the #Oscars. It’s the biggest “thank you” to give or to get, so you can’t skimp! For men’s fashion…

Best-dressed man: Justin Timberlake in a perfectly-tailored classic Tom Ford peak-lapel tux. I also like the navy blue

(cont) navy blue trend for men this awards season. Lots at #GoldenGlobes and Robert Downey, Jr. last night.

Q – #7    Are you a fan of men that don’t wear the bow-tie but instead wear the standard neck tie? A smart look?

A: I always prefer a classic bow-tie. Every man looks handsome with a bow-tie. If a standard necktie is worn with a tux

then the tux better be impeccably tailored and elegant. I didn’t like Christian Bale in all black.

Q – #8    Lets shift to the actresses. Best hair, use of jewelry and best non-use of jewelry.

A: Best hair: Gwyneth. Sleek and modern, not fussy. The best use of jewelry was actually the NON-use of jewelry.

It was refreshing to see strapless dresses without huge earrings & necklaces detracting/distracting from the necklines.

Q – #9    Any style or fashion that you saw at the #oscars or other award shows that you think will catch on this year?

A: We’re going to continue to see dresses with higher necklines (a la Amy Adams/Michelle Williams) through next fall…

…as evidence by what was shown on many runways for Fall 2011 during New York Fashion Week less than 2 weeks ago.

Sparkle and sexy back details will also top trend lists. Color trends will range from nude/white to super-brights.

Q – #10    Did you enjoy #NYFashionWeek? Any specific “hot colors” for 2011?

A: I’ve covered #NYFashionWeek since 1996 (!), and it has changed a lot. BUT, there were some beautiful collections.

SPRING hot colors: coral, citron, honeysuckle, hot pink, lime green, white FALL hot colors: gray, orange, camel

Speaking of camel, the dress Gwyneth wore to perform last night was straight off of the @MichaelKors Fall runway.

@JoelECarlson – Thank you VERY much @KatrinaSzish for you review of the #oscars, your style suggestions and spending some of your time on #jectv today.

@KatrinaSzish – Thanks so much for having me! Such a fun format. Loving #jectv and the Twitterview.

Twitterview with Staci Perry

Posted by on Monday, 28 February, 2011

@JoelECarlson – Hello everybody to the Food-Friday Twitterview of @RandomSweets. Time for a 1hr sugar rush! :)

@RandomSweets – Lovely morning everyone! It’s the best way to start a Friday–with Sugar!

Q – #1    So @RandomSweets, lets learn a little bit about you. Where did you grow up, attend high school and what did you do after HS?

A: Grew up in Brookings SD and moved to Mpls alone when I was 17. Waitress a long time. Became a non-trad in college in my late 20s

earned two 2-yr degrees from STI (marketing and business) Business Mgt from @UsiouxFalls and wrkg on Mass Comm master’s at @sdstate

Q – #2    What kind of work did you do after college, and how did you get interested in food blogging?

A: Worked 10,000 ppl music event marketing for couple yrs and then freelance mkting for local seasonal businesses

Food blogging started bcz pple were requesting my recipes and I never wrote them down. I love to write and take photos

I don’t freelance anymore since my FT job @Daktronics keeps me super busy

Q – #3    I see. How did you decide to focus on sweets, and how can people find your blog?

A: Always loved baking, eating sweets and am in love w/cheesecake. My kids only want Kraft macaroni so don’t cook much

my blog is Random Sweetness Baking | named for its randomness

Q – #4    So what kind of sweet treats have you posted recently, and how often do you post generally?

A: Most recently cupcakes for @Frosting4Cause, White Chocolate Peppermint Twist Cheesecake, Andes Mint Cheesecake

I may only post once/twice per month right now. Been baking a lot but kids’ hockey season limits my time blogging

I’ve catered up to 15 different flavors of cheesecake to an event but I don’t blog them all

Q – #5    Mom’s lives are busy. :) Your recipes that you use, are they all made up by you, is there a process that you have?

A: Some recipes are directly from online or a cookbook. Some are a mix bcz I like to add my own touch. Some are mine.

I’ve gotten to where I make up my own recipes for cheesecakes now

Q – #6    Awesome! Lets now find out your FAVORITES: Restaurant, store, flavor, winter activity and newest cookbook.

A: Pizza King (flat greasy squares), Knotty Pine (burger/salad), Guadalajara’s (enchilada), Nick’s Hamburger

favorite store(s) @tjmaxx and @HomeGoods and

flavor–well, that would have to be anything chocolate! And then add some liqueur to it and I’m in heaven.

Winter = baking, hockey, baking, hockey. Cheer for @mnwild and @GoldenGopherHky. And our Brookings Rangers.

Haven’t purchased a cookbook in a while. Buy lots baking/cooking magazines. @wherewomencook w/ @thepioneerwoman is cool

instead of cookbooks, I like fellow food blogs like @Sweetapolita @sweetopia @DineandDish @TwoPeasandPod @PickyPalate

and @farmgirlsdabble @HowSweetBlog @AbloggableLife @VanillaBeanBake @WayMoreHomemade @freshtartsteph @andrewzimmern

and these too: @FoodforMyFamily @KitchenInTheMkt @UnplannedCookin @smithbites @Crazy4Kale @katenthekitchen

Q – #7    Are there any cooking programs on tv/cable that you enjoy watching?

A: Yes, I like @Paula_Deen for all her butter and @ChefGuyFieri for the heat. I am sorta a cross between the two.

Minus the tatoos. And I don’t say ya’ll. Dontchaknow…

Q – #8    LOL! :)  To the cooks/bakers that are contemplating taking their skills online, what advice would you give them?

A: Can I ask you how you came to hosting Foodie Friday on your Twitterviews? I really enjoy them

Be yourself–you can use other blogs as inspiration, but just be YOU. There IS an audience for you. And have fun!

@JoelECarlson Good advice! Thank you @RandomSweets for sharing some of your life and time on #jectv today. Have a great afternoon and stay warm. :)

Thank you, Joel. I really appreciate your interest. Now, go get yourself some sugar action!

Can I ask you how you came to hosting Foodie Friday on your Twitterviews? I really enjoy them

Be yourself–you can use other blogs as inspiration, but just be YOU. There IS an audience for you. And have fun!

Good advice! Thank you @RandomSweets for sharing some of your life and time on #jectv today. Have a great afternoon and stay warm. :)

Thank you, Joel. I really appreciate your interest. Now, go get yourself some sugar action!

TOP 10 : Most watched Twitterview videos of 2010

Posted by on Tuesday, 4 January, 2011

From about the very beginning of conducting Twitterviews with people, there was an added feature that  some were open to, which was creating a “teaser video” regarding their upcoming Twitterview (Twitter+Interview). This video would generally be them answering 1 question that dealt with something about themselves that not a lot of people knew about them. It created another layer in the “getting to know me” experience of Twitterviews. Here were the most viewed videos of 2010.

1)    Chikage Windler Intro video – 1,070 views

2)    Elizabeth Ries Intro video – 572 views

3)    Natalie Kane Intro video - 261 views

4)    Sarah Kay Hoffman Intro video - 220 views

5)    Jenna Bennett Intro video – 175 views

6)    Andrea Kopfmann Intro video – 160 views

7)    Mike Rynchek Intro video – 147 views

8)    Meghan Wilker & Nancy Lyons Intro video – 137 views

9)    Elizabeth Ries 2.0 video – 125 views

10)    Lindsey Seavert Intro video – 107 views

(As of MON Jan 3,2010)