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Twitterview with Stephanie March

Posted by on Friday, 17 December, 2010

@JoelECarlson – Hello everyone, and welcome to the Food-Friday Twitterview of @StephMarch. Set your timers to 1hr and lets get cooking!

Q – #1    So @stephmarch, where did you grow up and what led you to doing the work that you do today?

A: I am a Minny girl, from the Orono area, and I guess I am just always hungry.

Q – #2    Obviously by your Twitter Avatar image, you are in the food business. What kind of work specifically do you do?

A: I am currently the food editor for MSP Magazine and I have a radio show on MyTalk 107.1 called Weekly Dish.

Q – #3    So for the @MSPmag, are you given assignments as to places to check out, or do you do your own “hunting”?

A: I am the one who doles out the assignments, which means that I am rabidly watching all media for mentions of new places.

Q – #4    Ah! So do you work then with @DeRushaEats & @FreshTartSteph? Any new trends in restaurants in MSP right now?

A: wow. Nice gaffe :) While I love and appreciate those cats, they write for “the competition”. I’m at @MSPMag.

As for trends, it seems to be all about cassoulet, agnolotti and octopus right now. And you can bet the small plate revolution

going to keep on keeping on. Plus I think you’ll see other cities grasping more in the way we do. And bourbon, It’s all about bourbon

Q – #5    OOOPS! My sincere apologies to you and @MSPmag. :)  Any trends that you’ve seen locally that will continue?

A: Hakuna matata! I also think you’ll see a lot more cross-collaboration between restos. Like when @ScottPampuch cooked at

The Local the other night. This generation of chef buddies that’s currently at the stoves all like to hang and travel together,

despite the different employers. It’s going to be a fun ride over the next couple of years.

Q – #6    What do you see or envision with the coffee shop & cupcake scenes? Will they continue to grow?

A: I think the coffee scene is blooming right now, what with all the fiends doing one-cup brewing. I’m a fan. So I think

we’ll still see growth there, but not hugely like Starbux, because it’s anti-commodity. Cupcakes aren’t dead, but might

have a little while longer. They’re fun, but places like @patisserie46 and Solveig’s new Sun Street breads will lead a new level of

baking in town. Also, donuts are the next cupcakes.

Q – #7    I’ve tried @YoYoDonuts and they are fabulous! Now your Favorite: casual restaurant, store, winter activity & grocery.

A: Picking a fave resto is like choosing a fave kid (of which I have 4), but I will say that I like burgers at Lion’s Tap

and I’m enamored with the pizza @PizzeriaLola and I can’t stop thinking about the dry rub wings @ PsychoSuzis. Winter is for braising

and dark beer drinking. Although I am known to road run in the snow to keep the size of my butt manageable. Grocery is a toughie, I

stop at a lot of places to get what I want, and yes I buy giant pork shoulders at costco so that I can have pulled pork for days, but

I’m a Kowalski’s fan, but more often frequent Lunds.

Q – #8    How have you found the use of Social Media for getting your thoughts, ideas and views out to your audience to be?

A: I luff it. I am ridiculously addicted to the twitter and I think it brings foodies, especially, close together. I love

when people tweet about what they’ve eaten, it helps give a good understanding of what restos are doing from the eaters perspective

My fam gets a little annoyed when I tweet during dinner, but whatevs. I think the conversations about food are fresh and driven by

hunger and passion and heart. You don’t find that in a lot of industries. Nobody in carpentry is tweeting about carving, are they?

Q – #9    Ah, I don’t think so. The foodies literally talk from their gut right? :) Any advice for future food writer/reviewers?

A: Food writers/reviewers need some credibility, I think, so I’d say get your butt in a resto job at least once. You can’t

really measure a place unless you’ve been in their shoes in some way shape or form. Also, eat everything. If you don’t think you like

shrimp or bleu cheese, eat it at least 10 times. And then keep trying it. Breaking into the paid world of food writing is super hard

you have to make connections and be out there with a real and unique voice. So keep tweeting and meeting and eating. Sorry :)

@JoelECarlson – Good advice from someone that knows! Thank you very much @stephmarch for your time and insights today. Have a great evening!

@StephMarch – Cheers! Off to Happy Hour!!! With Bourbon!

Twitterview with Stephanie A Meyer

Posted by on Friday, 1 October, 2010

@JoelECarlson – Hello everyone and welcome to the Food Friday Twitterview of @FreshTartSteph, a cook, blogger and photographer. Lets get cooking!

@FreshTartSteph – Hi Joel! Thanks for inviting me!

Q – #1    So @FreshTartSteph, where did you grow up, what HS did you attend and did you get schooling or training after that?

A: Grew up in SW Minnesota (Lakefield!) & Grand Forks, ND. Graduated Red River High School, go Roughriders.

UW-Madison for college, I’ll just say Go Bucky instead of the usual off-color cheer. Pure class, Badger fans, ha.

Q – #2    So what kinds of classes did you take?

A: I was an early political science major, didn’t wear enough patchouli for that crowd, changed to communication arts.

Best class was Our Hazardous Environment (summer, sci credits), about tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes. Fascinating.

Maybe I should have been a meteorologist?

Q – #3    You should follow @ChikageWindler. :) So what steps took you from that to what you do now with food?

A: Always loved the kitchen & cooking, always. I was a very picky eater as a child, but loved what I loved.

Cooking and learning to cook gave me control over my food. Plus I was fascinated by the process of transformation.

Still am! Also, I come from a family of great cooks. Mom, stepmom, grandmothers, aunts. All good. I’m lucky.

And I’m grateful they let me mess around, nurtured a taste for real food. I ate plenty of crap as a teen/young adult…

But the seeds of enjoying real food were planted. I hope I’m doing the same for my kids. Who love to eat crap!

Q – #4    Besides your own blog, you also post for the @mnmomag. What would you say is your focus or theme regarding food?

A: Home cooking with real, fresh ingredients. I endeavor to keep it simple, accessible. I try to provide a lot of…

…substitution ideas, ways to ditch the recipe and innovate. Because in the end, that’s how people will make their…

…own food – if they get the hang of it and don’t have to use recipes all the time. Then it gets fun, fast & easy.

It’s an uphill battle though – cooking at home is a dying tradition. People would rather watch food prepared on TV.

Q – #5    Do you use any prepackaged foods in your cooking? Do you ever do reviews or local restaurants?

A: Sure I do – pasta, yogurt, milk…all packaged! Hard to get around packaged foods entirely. My kids love cereal…

…tater tots, crackers, chips, all of it! My husband is a candy freak. I prefer to just make things myself because…

…I’m picky, and because I can. Ha! I work from home, so I can make myself whatever I want.

Also, I don’t eat gluten, & very limited grains, so it’s easier to make myself something fresh.

Q – #6    Now the FAVS question: Favorite – restaurant, store for food, store for cooking tools, tech gadget and Fall activity.

A: I’m genetically programmed to not be able to choose just one, hopefully that’s OK…

@FreshTartSteph Top 2-5 is okay.

Restaurants: Lucia’s, Corner Table, La Belle Vie, Alma, many others, tough question for a food lover!

Store: Whole Foods, Byerly’s, local co-ops. I buy cooking gadgets online. Tech gadget: iPhone, what a device, yeah.

Fall activity – this yr it’s been exploring great off-leash dog parks w my pup (Louis). Lk Rebecca, Bryant Lk…

…but also biking, yoga, walking around the lakes, taking drives w my husband. This is my time of yr, I perk right up!

Q – #7    How do you feel photography helps you share your skills and messages about food to people?

A: Well, as I’m quickly learning, the photos are everything. People who will never make one of my recipes …

…love to look at the pics, so I quadruple my reach. Sometimes they even read the articles ;) The photos make it real.

Q – #8    Very true! To end today, what cooking advice or mantra would you like to share with everyone?

A: I’ll go out on a limb and say cook your own food :) You’ll be healthier & thinner & eat better. And you’ll never…

…be alone, because everyone loves a good cook! Thanks for the Twitterview, Joel, great fun! #jectv

@JoelECarlson – Thanks @FreshTartSteph for sharing your thoughts and passions today! Enjoy the weekend and keep up the good work!

@FreshTartSteph – You too, Joel. Thank you so much!