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Twitterview with Alexis Thomspon

Posted by on Wednesday, 27 April, 2011

@JoelECarlson: Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s with my special guest @alexisthompson1 of @MyTalk1071. Lets get to Tweet’n!

Q – #1    As your VIDEO shows – you’ve lived in this area for awhile. How though did you come to work at @MyTalk1071?

Alexis: I answered a job posting online, but for @ks95! Someone from @MyTalk1071 (which was FM107.1 at the time) called

I moved home from Boston; I didn’t know @mytalk1071, but happy I went in for interview, started as a wkend prod

Q – #2    When did you know that you wanted to get involved with radio? Did you pretend with a Mr. Microphone as a kid?

Alexis: Haha! Well, I have always loved radio! I would pretend to be a lot of things as a kid…

a radio announcer, Whitney Houston, an aerobics instructor…I had a radio show in college “Shake Your Can”

There’s where I really fell for radio…seeing & participating in process…my Mr. Microphone was a round hairbrush:)

Q – #3    By the name “Shake your Can”, I’m guessing not a radio cooking show? Dance music maybe? How long did you do that?

Alexis: LOL, no Easy Bake Ovens tips on “Shake Your Can”; we played dance music & talked about pop culture, things on campus

Sound familiar? Pretty cool how it coincides with what I do now

My Bestie Kelly and I hosted and produced “Shake Your Can” for a couple years at WTBU

Q – #4    Your co-host, @JasonMatheson, did you know each other before you started working together?

Alexis: @JasonMatheson and I didn’t know each other before working at the station; although it’s been a long time!

Q – #5    So who or what bright the 2 of you together to do this show? re: @JasonMatheson

Alexis: @JasonMatheson would come on The Kevyn Burger Show on Fridays to talk movies, entertainment; I was Kevyn’s producer

@JasonMatheson Even over the phone we got along! Our PD Amy Daniels paired us with Meredith Templitz to do a show…

That was “Saturday Night Groove”…our friendship grew from there…

Q – #6    Ah! I see. In addition to radio, how has your jump into Social Media use been going for you? Facebook? Foursquare?

Alexis: I have to admit, I was tardy to the Social Media party. My sis signed me up for FB, still have password she picked…

I got on Twitter, I think last November? I’m getting there…still a lot to learn! You’re showing me a Whole New World

I feel like Jasmine on a exciting carpet ride! I don’t use Foursquare…should I?

Q – #7    Glad to help! :) Now to some of your FAVORITES: Restaurant, store, comfort food, TV show, Nat’l radio person.

Alexis: I love to eat at Bar La Grassa, @TriaRestaurant (in my neck of the woods :), Sakura and @dancingganesha

Shopping: Hunt and Gather and Mall of St. Paul for vintage/antiques, for clothes: Ann Taylor Loft, J. Crew, Marshalls

For beads (I make most of my jewelry & will launch business soon :): Bobby Beads, @beadhive, @thebeadmonkey…

Cosecha Designs, J Ring Glass…sorry, more bead stores :) I love salty, savory foods for comfort: potato chips & fries

I LOVE Criminal Minds and Law and Order SVU, I’m also a Gleek! For national radio, I like listening to @HowardStern

Sorry, that was a mouthful of tweets and I think I broke your rule of only 5 responses heehee

Alexis: Another great show I think everyone should watch and enterprise reporting at its best: @CBSNews Sunday Morning

@JoelECarlson: @alexisthompson1 I’m a faithful watcher of @CBSsunday. :)

Q – #8   That’s okay. Our 1hr is up, so last question, what professional/personal goal do you want to achieve this year?

Alexis: I want @mytalk1071 to continue to grow (please tell your friends about us), start my own YouTube channel, some TV…

Personally, I want to continue to grow with my husband; we got married last June

He just got an iPhone and now tweets @mistertoro :) He’s a funny one to follow

I want to be a better dog mom to Pacquiao “Pac” named after @MannyPacquiao (@mistertoro and I love him!)

@JoelECarlson: Thank you very much @alexisthompson1 for your time with me last Friday and today on #jectv. Have a great week!

Alexis: Great meeting you! Thank you! Happy Hump Day :)

Twitterview with Michael Caputo

Posted by on Wednesday, 22 December, 2010

@JoelECarlson – Hello everyone, and please welcome with me @MCaputo_MPR as my final Twitterview guest of 2010. Lets begin!

@MCaputo_MPR – Hey Joel, it’s a blast doing this. @justplainbob says you should take it easy on me.

Q – #1    So @MCaputo_MPR, please share briefly where you grew up and what kind of training/schooling you’ve received.

A: Grew up outside of NYC. Graduated from liberal arts school in NY – St. Thomas Aquinas.

Worked 20+yrs in journalism – newspaper, radio, TV. PubMedia the last 8 years or so Much of it was in NY (Upstate)

Came to MN for two reasons – The unique job opportunity at MPR and because my wife is from Northern Minnesota.

Q – #2    Between print,radio & TV, which have you learned from the most? What kinds of stories do you enjoy sharing?

A: I feel as though I’ve learned much from all three venues. Print was where I was the most & probably informs my journalism the most.

Used to love breaking stories (my 1.0 version). Then it was investigative (2.0).

Now I like stories that make people say “Now I get it..” — those that put complex issues into perspective.

I remember one lesson – use the small to show the large. Concrete examples that illuminate the full story. Makes it real.

Q – #3    Nice! With you being a seasoned journalist, how has the internet/Social Media/YouTube world effected your work?

A: It’s an enormous shift. It’s an exciting time. But the “wild west” feel of the Internet means a lot of trying & failing.

Just to back up a bit…. The press has long had this problem of being seen as out of touch. There was some truth to this.

There was this sense that there needed to be a better relationship w/ those we were supposed to serve. A collaboration.

Technology opened a door. We have a way to collaborate w/ info. users in new ways… to involve them in story evolution.

I think that’s what MPR has in Public Insight.

Q – #4    How about your personal use of Social Media, what kind of people/businesses do you enjoy following?

A: Well, I’m doing the Twitter-Facebook-LinkedIn mashup. I do like following the folks in #journalism @jayrosen_nyu @jeffjarvis.

But then I have @newscut, @jongordon, @dbrauer. I love the wit of @TBoard. Its really hard to name them, there’s a lot.

I’ve really taken to a bit of advice on Twitter. Try not to give the blow-by-blow of your day. Instead pick a topic and get into that

Q – #5    I understand! :) Lets find out some of your FAVORITES: Restaurant, store, winter activity, hobby and TC’s neighborhood.

A: Whoops. Sorry about stepping over you. Hobbies, huh. I should warn you that I’m a bit of a homebody since I became a dad

But I really like getting out and skating w/ the kids. My wife and I are taking up X-country Skiing again.

I write fiction (when I can) … and, no, nothing published. I play guitar (a hold over from my garage band days)

And, I’m a St. Paul guy, so the Grand Avenue area holds great appeal for me. But, in a way, I feel like I’m still learning the TC’s

Sorry, I wanted to be more exciting than that. But I held back on putting cliff-diving and rock-climbing in there.

Q – #6    Whew! We want to think of @MPR folks as safe & steady. :) As an Easterner, how has the transition to Midwest life been?

A: Well, we’ve been slow to integrate. But that says more about being the parents of two little kids. But we also have family here

It’s amazing to see here the level of civic participation. NY could take a lesson or two from Minnesota when it comes to involvement.

The spirit of trying to work through local problems is clear to me here. So I don’t buy the whole “stoic midwestern” rap.

I guess to summarize …my wife and I plan on growing old here (although I’m quite aways there already).

Q – #7    No problem. To end, what advice would you give to students looking to get into the field of journalism?

A: Fail. What I mean is to try new forms of storytelling, new ways to collaborate with those you serve. And don’t be afraid to fail.

Learn print, radio, video, digital modes of expression. And be bold. It’s a time for that in #journalism.

Finally, tell your stories for the people you are serving… even when there are pressures to do otherwise.

@JoelECarlson – Good points and insights today @MCaputo_MPR! Thank you very much for being a guest, and thank you also for your time.

@MCaputo_MPR – It’s been really fun @JoelECarlson . You’re welcome.

Twitterview with Stephanie March

Posted by on Friday, 17 December, 2010

@JoelECarlson – Hello everyone, and welcome to the Food-Friday Twitterview of @StephMarch. Set your timers to 1hr and lets get cooking!

Q – #1    So @stephmarch, where did you grow up and what led you to doing the work that you do today?

A: I am a Minny girl, from the Orono area, and I guess I am just always hungry.

Q – #2    Obviously by your Twitter Avatar image, you are in the food business. What kind of work specifically do you do?

A: I am currently the food editor for MSP Magazine and I have a radio show on MyTalk 107.1 called Weekly Dish.

Q – #3    So for the @MSPmag, are you given assignments as to places to check out, or do you do your own “hunting”?

A: I am the one who doles out the assignments, which means that I am rabidly watching all media for mentions of new places.

Q – #4    Ah! So do you work then with @DeRushaEats & @FreshTartSteph? Any new trends in restaurants in MSP right now?

A: wow. Nice gaffe :) While I love and appreciate those cats, they write for “the competition”. I’m at @MSPMag.

As for trends, it seems to be all about cassoulet, agnolotti and octopus right now. And you can bet the small plate revolution

going to keep on keeping on. Plus I think you’ll see other cities grasping more in the way we do. And bourbon, It’s all about bourbon

Q – #5    OOOPS! My sincere apologies to you and @MSPmag. :)  Any trends that you’ve seen locally that will continue?

A: Hakuna matata! I also think you’ll see a lot more cross-collaboration between restos. Like when @ScottPampuch cooked at

The Local the other night. This generation of chef buddies that’s currently at the stoves all like to hang and travel together,

despite the different employers. It’s going to be a fun ride over the next couple of years.

Q – #6    What do you see or envision with the coffee shop & cupcake scenes? Will they continue to grow?

A: I think the coffee scene is blooming right now, what with all the fiends doing one-cup brewing. I’m a fan. So I think

we’ll still see growth there, but not hugely like Starbux, because it’s anti-commodity. Cupcakes aren’t dead, but might

have a little while longer. They’re fun, but places like @patisserie46 and Solveig’s new Sun Street breads will lead a new level of

baking in town. Also, donuts are the next cupcakes.

Q – #7    I’ve tried @YoYoDonuts and they are fabulous! Now your Favorite: casual restaurant, store, winter activity & grocery.

A: Picking a fave resto is like choosing a fave kid (of which I have 4), but I will say that I like burgers at Lion’s Tap

and I’m enamored with the pizza @PizzeriaLola and I can’t stop thinking about the dry rub wings @ PsychoSuzis. Winter is for braising

and dark beer drinking. Although I am known to road run in the snow to keep the size of my butt manageable. Grocery is a toughie, I

stop at a lot of places to get what I want, and yes I buy giant pork shoulders at costco so that I can have pulled pork for days, but

I’m a Kowalski’s fan, but more often frequent Lunds.

Q – #8    How have you found the use of Social Media for getting your thoughts, ideas and views out to your audience to be?

A: I luff it. I am ridiculously addicted to the twitter and I think it brings foodies, especially, close together. I love

when people tweet about what they’ve eaten, it helps give a good understanding of what restos are doing from the eaters perspective

My fam gets a little annoyed when I tweet during dinner, but whatevs. I think the conversations about food are fresh and driven by

hunger and passion and heart. You don’t find that in a lot of industries. Nobody in carpentry is tweeting about carving, are they?

Q – #9    Ah, I don’t think so. The foodies literally talk from their gut right? :) Any advice for future food writer/reviewers?

A: Food writers/reviewers need some credibility, I think, so I’d say get your butt in a resto job at least once. You can’t

really measure a place unless you’ve been in their shoes in some way shape or form. Also, eat everything. If you don’t think you like

shrimp or bleu cheese, eat it at least 10 times. And then keep trying it. Breaking into the paid world of food writing is super hard

you have to make connections and be out there with a real and unique voice. So keep tweeting and meeting and eating. Sorry :)

@JoelECarlson – Good advice from someone that knows! Thank you very much @stephmarch for your time and insights today. Have a great evening!

@StephMarch – Cheers! Off to Happy Hour!!! With Bourbon!

Twitterview (2.0) with Phil Wilson

Posted by on Friday, 15 October, 2010

@JoelECarlson – Hello everyone, and welcome to the Twitterview 2.0 of @philson. Just didn’t learn enough about him from his 1st one. :)  Lets begin!

@philson – I’m giddy with anticipation..I’m honored.

Q – #1    So @philson, from a professional level, how has your summer been? (events, projects, etc.)

A: It’s been kind of a crazy summer. Lately, I’ve been doing smaller projects for a lot of different folks. Learning as well.

@minnov8 continues to let me learn more about the social and tech community. All good stuff and only a few gripes, go figure.

Q – #2    Got to meet @sborsch of @minnov8 the other day. Smart guy! What was your role at the #MIMASummit, and your impression of it?

A: I totally dug the MIMA Summit this year. Amazing what Wifi can do for your demeanor. @minnov8 was liveblogging the entire @mimasummit

I spent most of my time in a room interviewing the speakers and panelists for the live stream. I’m hopeful that video will be posted soon.

One of the highlights was hanging our with @garyvee. I shot some of my own video and will be using that on @remaincomm soon.

My disappointment at @mimsummit was not getting to spend time talking with @xenijardin. I’m a fan & was hoping she’d sign my breast.

Q – #3    Great, I caught a few of them live! In Social Media, #NewTwitter and FB-Groups have been launched. Any opinions on them?

A: Ahh…#newtwitter…I supposedly have it but my Firefox/MacBook Pro config doesn’t like it…I get a blank screen.

I’ve always used @tweetdeck so I’ll stick with that. FB-Groups could suffer from the same fate as Google Wave. Is there a need?

More on FB-Groups…what FB has going for it is a stronger group culture. We have to be careful about getting ahead of user needs though.

Things like wave and fb-groups all have a place in the digital and Social future. Sometimes innovation may take awhile to be adopted.

Q – #4    It seems like their is some copying/competition amongst @Google, @Twitter, @Facebook & #LinkedIn. What’s your favorite?

A: Copying…the heck you say? I think so many of the services are good for different voices. That’s good. @linkedIn is not @facebook

I don’t have a favorite but I seem to be on facebook more lately. Twitter is a great tool for finding info and the DM is big for me.

@philson – BTW, the @apstylebook tells me I can now use moviegoer, filmgoer, and theatergoer. Finally, I can get some sleep (bedgoer?)

Q – #5    Interesting. On the personal side, did you get to travel some during the Summer/Fall seasons at all?

A: We did the MN required “trip up north” to a cabin and lake. State law says you make that trip once every 5 yrs or move out, right?

We actually go out and travel more than most know…I rarely announce being out on @foursquare and such. I think that’s still TMI

Speaking of @foursquare, I think location based Social Media needs to be more about benefits. We have many opportunities there.

Q – #6    Right! :) I wonder at what longitude in MN do people no longer say “going up North”? Are you a hiker, hunter or reader?

A: I’m more of an naturalist I guess. I love the overall beauty of where we live. I don’t hunt. I just can’t pull off blaze orange.

Q – #7    LOL! (re:orange) So to end today, what would you encourage new adapters/users of Social Media to do?

A: That’s easy…relax! I started @Remaincomm with that very attitude. Using all these tools to communicate are not required.

Try things and commit to what works for you, what accomplishes your goal. Keep expectations in line with how “new” a service is.

@JoelECarlson – VERY good advice from a voice of experience! Thank you @philson for sharing some of your thoughts. Keep up the good work!

@philson – Thanks so much for the #twitterview. Still a great resource and I’m honored to participate. Drive safely!

Twitterview (2.0) with Elizabeth Ries

Posted by on Friday, 8 October, 2010

@JoelECarlsonHello everyone, and welcome to the Twitterview of @ElizabethRies. We’re doing our part to save her voice for TV and radio!

@ElizabethRiesHey @JoelECarlson!

Q – #1    To begin, @ElizabethRies was Twitterview #45, so it’s great to Tweet with her again. To start, how was your summer, any traveling?

A: Nice to be back with you! Summer was great! Lots of traveling to cabins up north, NYC and Vegas over Labor Day.

Q – #2    So kind of all over. What kind of traveler are you? Sit and relax by the pool/lake or the sightseer/explorer?

A: Both! But my favorite thing to do while traveling is try great restaurants. I plan around meals! Then I work out :)

Q – #3    Understood! Are there certain kinds or restaurants that you look for? What was one of the fancier restaurants?

A: I’m a big fan of Asian retaurants. In Vegas we went to Tao in the Venetian and everything was incredible!

Q – #4    Yum! Lets switch gears to your work. You’re at @TwinCities_Live & @MyTalk1071. Does scheduling get tricky 4 U?

A: Sometimes, yes! I’m usually running through the building 90 secs before I have to be on air. But that’s the fun of it!

Q – #5    :D  Now the @MyTalk1071 Dirt Alert gig is new since we last Twitterviewed. How has that experience been going for you?

A: I love it. It’s celeb news and gossip at 8:20, 1:20 and 5:20 weekdays. I love interacting with the @mytalk1071 hosts!

Radio is a fun change of pace from TV and it’s great to get to do both.

Q – #6    I heard today that you’re going to be doing some “fill-in” work on @MyTalk1071 next week. What’s the time slot?

A: That’s true! Mon-Wed next week I’m filling for Ian and Margery from 6-10 am.

Q – #7    Fun! Now you no doubt enjoy exploring MN as well. Any neat events, boutiques or restaurants you’ve seen recently?

A: of course! I bought a house in Mpls so I’ve been checking out spots in my new area. Birchwood cafe, Longfellow grill…

and I’ve been stopping by a little boutique called corazon on lake street and w river pkwy. Cute everything there!

Q – #8    It’s fun to explore and find new/interesting places in the TC’s! Looking ahead, any goals/plans for the next yr?

A: first priority: get a garbage disposal installed in my old house! My main work goal is to keep pushing myself…

I’m just trying to get better at what I do every day and appreciate the ride!

Q – #9    That sounds like a very good/balanced view! To end with, any tip or mantra you’d like to share with everyone?

A: probably similar to my last twitterview…instead of constantly looking for the next thing in life…

focus on making now the best it can be. I really believe that’s when the next great opportunity will find you!

I’ve worked on that a lot since I started at kstp and I’ve never been happier.

@JoelECarlson – Very good! It’s been a pleasure to Tweet w/you again @elizabethries. Enjoy the great weather and have a great weekend!

@ElizabethRies – thanks so much, it was great fun!

Twitterview #153 – With Kelly Jordan (@Kelly_Jordan)

Posted by on Monday, 20 September, 2010

@JoelECarlson – Hello everybody and welcome to the Monday Twitterview with local guest @Kelly_Jordan of Twin Cities Live.

@Kelly_Jordan – Thanks so much for inviting me to be a part of this Twitterview. I am excited!

Q – #1    So @Kelly_Jordan, where did you grow up and what were some of the life/work step you’ve taken to get you where you are today?

A:    I grew up everywhere.I was born in California, moved to Minneapolis, & Everett, WA (near Seattle) and ended up at SCSU

Q – #2    Okay, so you were born in CA, move to MN & WA and then college at SCSU. What did you major in college?

A:    Mass Communications with an emphasis on Broadcast Journalism.

Q – #3    I see. So after school, what kinds of jobs did you have, and how did you end up working with @KSTP?

A:    funny enough while I was at SCSU I interned at @KSTP then I worked at KSAX in Alexandria as a morning anchor, reporter.

I worked as a reporter in TX, & NE during my time in those 2 states I took a PT job in a hospital. I like the diversity

Q – #4    Alright. Now I see on your Twitter BIO that you are involved with radio now too. How did that happen?

A:    I had the opportunity to host a show on myTALK 107.1 and I jumped at it. I host “Minnesota Wealth” Sundays at 3pm

I was involved in Radio ages ago & I wanted to get back in. I also host a show @1500ESPN on Saturday AMs on Mens health

I have learned to never turn down an opportunity. It is amazing that I get to host I missed it too much to say NO.

I am very interested in health related topics, so the show on Saturday AMs on @1500ESPN is a great fit

Q – #5    @kelly_jordan Is that show more of a guest-based show or more of a call-in show? #jectv  re: @1500ESPN

A:    Each week we have a different topic, & the doctor and I come up with an outline. People call in, we answer emails etc.

We have a expert guest come on each week. The show is Saturdays at 7am. You should listen !!

my FULL-TIME job is w/ @twincities_live I’m a segment Producer & I couldn’t have asked for a better gig

I work alongside very talented people, and enjoy the work I do. Everyday is a different challenge.

Q – #6    I’ll check it out!  Changing topics, how has your Social Media experience been? When did you join Twitter?

A:    Social Media has completely changed the way I do my job. I reach out to people via twitter

I was kinda behind the curve on the twitter thing. I joined a little over a two years ago…

I can see trends in the market, follow my favorite celebrities, twitter has revolutionized media and my role in TV

I have had only positive interactions with folks on twitter. I hope my followers are happy following me. #

Q – #7    Twitter is VERY helpful in a number of areas! Who are some people that you feel you benefit from following?

A:    Wow. That depends. I love sports. So @PMac21 @1500ESPN @TomPelissero are my go-to’s I have a few others.

@NatalieWires @kristingast @beautybets and @bbrozak

@forkNroadtruck @jessicarfancy @DeRushaJ b/c they are smart people & I enjoy learning from them.

I am forgetting a lot of people but I gravitate to people who can teach me something naturally. People w/ different interests

Q – #8    I see. Now for some of your FAVS: Favorite – restaurant, store, National News ancor/reporter and summer activity.

A:    @Target. True Thai is up there, Ghandi Mahal. Pepitos, I can’t pick just one. I don’t discrimate when it comes to food.

I am pretty active in Happy Hours, Twins Games, and checking out the lakes in Mpls.

I have been a fan of @andersoncooper since his days on Channel One.

Q – #9    @AndersonCooper is quite good! So to end today, what advice or mantra would you like to share with people today?



@Kelly_Jordan – Thanks Joel. I enjoyed it.

@JoelECarlson – Good point. Nice to have you spend some time sharing your life & thoughts today on Twitterview-#jectv. Enjoy your afternoon!