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TwitterREVIEW with Details Style Lab (Brian Horst)

Posted by on Monday, 18 October, 2010

@JoelECarlson – Hello everyone, and welcome to the TwitterReview of @detailsstylelab. Lets begin and do so with style! :)

Q – #1    So Brian Horst of @DetailsStyleLab, how long has your business been around, and where is it located?

A: Details Started in 99 with a location in Highland Park. Then expanded with the first location in DT St. Paul NYE 02

We moved our DT location to St Peter street in the Lowry Dec 07. In April 09 we focused all efforts in the DT and added mens clothing

The biggest difference in locations DT is that we went from the skyway to the street. We between Pazzaluna and Sakura

Q – #2    I see. What are some of the services that you offer at your salon, and how did you decide to get into mens clothing?

A: We offer all hair, skin and body services. Featuring Aveda, Phyto, Moroccan Oil, Dermalogica and Bare Minerals.

I decided to go into men’s clothing after attending the clothing market with my wife. I saw a ton of great pieces.

Styles that I never found around town. We really try to focus on more fitted european style clothing.

I also felt that DT needed more retail variety and we had enough space for our salon/spa.Men’s clothing was that variety

Q – #3    Interesting. So what kind of size range do you offer? Tall? Short? Avg build? Athletic Cut? Who is your target?

A: Most of or clothing is targeted at the avg build guy. One client made the comment that “it’s nice to be rewarded for

being in shape.” The age range is broad, 16 – 60. Size runs Small-2XL.

Guys like You! :-)

Q – #4    Guys like me huh? :) As far as your salon goes, what is your primary demographic for customers? Any specialties?

A: We see a wide range of age in our clients. Most are biz pros and residents of DT.We do Bio Ionic smoothingtreatmetns

and we were recently recognize nationally for a on-line series, hot in my salon and filmed a hot new textural treatment.

This treatment give a result from loose wave to curls. We think the flat straight looks have passed, time for body!

We also offer a couple great oil treatments both for moisture and for volume/density.Moroccan Oil with color is great

Q – #5    Great idea! Now for people that come in and say “I want a new look.”, how do you help them decide?

A: Well first off, we’re not all cut-a-holics.It’s really about asking good questions to determine what will be fashionable

functional and esthetically pleasing. The hippest look won’t look good if the person isn’t comfortable with it.

Personally I like to hold/move the hair around to create different shapes to show how it effects their face shape.

Lessons on recreating the look are key as well. Products, tools, techniques etc,

Go with a look your willing and able to manage and maintain…and this doesn’t always mean a lot of time.

Q – #6    What is one tip you’d offer to men and one tip you’d offer to women in picking a good hairstyle for themselves?

A: For men I say, don’t over do the styling. For women, use high heat (blowdry) and direct the airflow down the hair.

Q – #7    Okay. So to end today, any specials that you have or a last point you’d like to make as to what’s available at @detailsstylelab?

A: The best thing I can say is follow us on twitter/facebook. We throw some nice offers out last minute. We also have a

a VIP men’s sale email list to get the inside scoop on private sales.Mention you saw this twitter review and we take

$10 off your next service. I’m shameless! We also start our food drive next month! Thanks for your time Joel!

@JoelECarlson – Thanks to Brian Horst of @detailsstylelab for this time today and sharing with us about his business and their services!