Land Of 10,000 Eats

Minnesota is a land of 10,000 lakes and also of 10,000 eats. There are many restaurants, food trucks, cafes, coffee shops, candy shops, bakeries and so on to choose from. What are some places that you should check out that are worth your while?

This program will help you to learn more about what’s out there for you to see and eat. What are some of the specialties that you should try?  Who are some of the personalities behind some of the eateries? Look at your options and then figure out what places you’d like to explore and try out.

Have fun, and enjoy your eating adventures!



An Uptown restaurant – The Lowry




Lake Calhoun frozen yogurt shop – Yogurt Lab




Bryn Mawr neighborhood restaurant – Sparks




Food stall at the Midtown Global Market – The Left Handed Cook




Highland Park neighborhood restaurant – Highland Grill




Uptown neighborhood deli – Rye Deli



Prime Rib Sliders


Uptown neighborhood restaurant – Primebar




Plymouth restaurant – Eat Shop

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