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Imagine walking into a restaurant space that’s had all of it’s walls stripped which are normally used to create sections of a restaurant. Seeing a raw cement floor that shows age and a history of the space, as well as being able to see most of the restaurant’s kitchen and what the chef along with his crew are doing from just about any seat in the house. Add to this, a balanced dose of the color red in the bar area, as well as one wall covered with red boards from an old barn to add some rustic flare and charm to the space. You get to eat in a space that has been stripped of all of the normal barriers of most restaurants, and instead eat in an open, airy and entertaining atmosphere that seats up to 300 people.


The food also has it’s own distinctive focus. While this space was formerly a Senser’s restaurant, Eat Shop – Kitchen & Bar is an updated space that is definitely not a chain restaurant.  It is a space designed to connect with the local area. Bringing local people, food and brews, into an open and upscale atmosphere.


Eat Shop would be a great place to meet for lunch with just one person or a large group of people for dinner.  A good place to just hangout and have a beer, and also really appreciate the food that you’re eating. The majority of the beers that they have on tap are local, with a few national brews and very limited international ones. Beer by the bottle or can is also an option.


Besides beer, they also have a lengthy list of white and red wines that you can get by the glass, as well as by the bottle. Including champagne and some specialty cocktails. A few scotchs and bourbon are available if you’re looking for some stronger spirits.


Do you want to know where your food is being cooked?  Do you want to see the process of prepping, cooking and plating your meal? You can do that here! The kitchen area was made open and exposed to the restaurant area, so you can enjoy a glass of wine, some good conversation and watch your lunch or dinner being made for you.  How’s that for a change of pace?


Chef Jeff Anderson uses his talents along with the vision of Michael Larson to come up with a great menu. For lunch they offer small plate options along with salads, sandwiches and a few larger meals for heartier and hungrier appetites.  For dinner they also offer small plate options with salads, but then they include some big entrees of birds, fish and meat.  Yes, you can get a sandwich for dinner too if you’d prefer that instead.


My meal at lunch was the turkey burger, and it was delicious! I chose not to have the sprouts on mine, but the burger was seasoned well and was juicy, NOT dry. The toppings of swiss cheese, pickles and avocado were all good. The bun was a story in of itself. It’s not a typical bun, it’s made, along with all of the other bread products in the restaurant, by Denny’s 5th Ave bakery. It added more flavor and quality to the burger.   The fries that came with the burger were also good. They were seasoned well,  and they came with a side order of homemade ketchup which incorporates smoked tomatoes, brown sugar, vinegar and other selected spices to produce it. You’ll definitely want to try the ketchup when you go. I ended my meal by being both full and satisfied!


Do you want to learn more about the restaurant?  Get a grander feel for what Eat Shoplooks like?  Watch Chef Jeff Anderson cook a dish and hear owner Michael Larson share his thoughts on the restaurant? Then don’t miss this video!

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