Faces of Minnesota – Naomi Pescovitz

Naomi Pescovitz is a news junkie, she just loves to learn what’s going on in the world by taking in information from all kinds of news sources. But she doesn’t keep it all to herself, she uses her passion and shares what she’s learned with others. Naomi is a reporter at KSTP-TV in the Twin Cities, and she has had her assignment there since late Summer of 2011. Naomi brings an energy and a good spirit to every story that she covers.


So when Naomi is covering a story about weather conditions. A story about a neighborhood or a business, what kinds of things does she enjoy doing? What are her passions in life, and who is her “news idol” when it comes to the national scene?  With 1 year under her belt, does she have any goals for herself as to what she would like to achieve or accomplish in the next year?  Get to learn more about Naomi and what makes her “tick” from a 3-part “Faces of MN” interview with her.


In Part 1 of her her interview, she talks with Joel Carlson about how she decided to become a journalist, and the route she took to get there.

In Part 2 of her interview, Naomi talks about her path to KSTP-TV. She talks about some of the stories that she’s covered in MN and shares how she prepared for a Minnesota winter. Naomi ends in talking about her life as a foodie and what restaurants that she’s tried in the Twin Cities.

In Part 3 of Naomi’s interview, she talks about where she likes to shop in the Twin Cities. Goes through a “rapid fire” round of questions and then talks about what kinds of things she enjoys reading. She shares which national news anchor is her favorite and a story of getting to interviewing them. She then closes with sharing a goal of hers to achieve in the next year.

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