Faces of Minnesota – Alexis Walsko

Alexis Walsko is a great success story.  She has grown her company, Lola Red PR to be a highly recognized PR firm.  She has helped many businesses get noticed and has been working with the fast growing Smashburger company since they started expanding into Minnesota.


Not only does she help other companies get noticed, but she has done well for herself.  Having been a co-host on the popular “Shop Girls” radio program, featured on MyTalk 107.1 FM on Saturday mornings in the Twin Cities for the past few years. Talking about the latest in shopping trends locally and nationally.


Alexis loves new challenges and also has a heart for helping non-profit companies get attention. So how does she do it all?  Where does she get the time and energy for all of it? Learn more about Alexis by checking out this 3-part interview of her with “Faces of MN” host, Joel Carlson.


In part 1 of her interview with Joel Carlson, Alexis talks about her childhood and her early entrepreneurial spirit. Her college years and how she started Lola Red PR.

In part 2 of Alexis’ interview, she talks about the connection of PR with marketing and social media. Discusses why she is passionate about working with non-profit companies and explains how she got connected with the fast-growing company, Smashburger.

In part 3 of Alexis’ interview, she talks about shopping, her love for chairs and why she feels people pay retail price for some things. Alexis talks about her passion for glitter and how it got started. She ends with talking about Pinterest and her prep for the “Shop Girls” radio show on MyTalk 107.1 FM.

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