Faces of Minnesota – Chris Egert

Chris Egert is an anchor and reporter for KSTP-TV news in the Twin Cities. He’s been in the news business for awhile, with stints in Nebraska, Florida and Washington state.


Many people look for a new opportunity as a way to “step up” and grow. Move to a bigger city or market to get more recognition, more experience and exposure.  Chris has Midwest roots, and they’ve never left him.  In this 3-part interview with Chris, you’ll find out the real and touching reason for him to pursue an opportunity to work in a newsroom in the Twin Cities.  He’ll share what his experience has been like in covering the news in different parts of the country and then share some of the things that he enjoys doing since he and his family have moved to Minnesota.  Get to know a new face of television news in Minnesota, Chris Egert.


In part 1 of an interview with Chris Egert of KSTP-TV, he shares where he grew up and what cities he’s covered the news in. He then shares the heartfelt reason for his family’s decision of moving to Minnesota.

In part 2 of the Chris Egert interview, he talks about how news is covered differently in comparing each of the news markets that he’s worked in; South Dakota, Omaha NE, Orlando FL and Seattle WA. He then talks about the responsibility of news people when covering Breaking News.

In part 3 of the Chris Egert interview, he shares what he likes to do outdoors with his family. Talks about some places that he like to eat at in the Twin CIties, and what he hopes his wife lets him purchase at some point.

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