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Primebar isn’t just another bar that has been added into the Minneapolis Uptown area bar scene. This isn’t a Friday’s, a Ruby Tuesdays or an Applebees.  Primebar is an upscale bar and eating establishment.


Primebar is not a stand alone location, it is a chain, with other locations in Chapel FL, Chicago IL and Dallas TX.  Even though it’s a “chain”, it is going to focus on being “local”. One was it’s doing this is by it’s beer selection of beers. They have a selection of over 60 beers, so your sure to find one that matches your unique palate.


The Minneapolis location is in the former Il Gatto space in Calhoun Square.  It has great wall of windows facing Lake Street, sure to be a great place to eat and people watch. Another seating area that it has is a more dimly lit and intimate eating area. Both areas surround a very large bar area in the center of space. You won’t see “Norm” chatting at the bar with Cliff Clavin here.


Besides the broad selection of beers, featuring local beers as well, they plan to feature local food also, with plans to feature some locally farmed grass-fed beef.  Executive Chef Sean Sherman has a great deal of experience opening restaurants.  Having lived and having been a cook in Minnesota for several years, he brought his cooking skills with him as he traveled to different areas of the world, assisting with various restaurants as they developed. His most recent stint was in Montana, opening a few restaurants there that focused on locally sourced foods. Prime Rib Sliders


As with any new restaurant, primebar will grow and develop to meet the needs and tastes of those that frequent it. The next time that you are in the Uptown are of Minneapolis, give it a try.

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