Land of 10,000 Eats – Rye Deli

The “Knife and Fork Reuben”

There has been a growing expansion of Bistros in the Twin Cities. There’s also been large growth in the sandwich and frozen yogurt sectors.  One area though that has not been built up or seen any kind of growth really in the Twin Cities, is the genuine deli sector. In 2011, an addition was finally made, and it came in the form of the Rye Deli.


The Rye deli in in the uptown area of Minneapolis, near the intersection of Hennepin Avenue and Franklin, at the address of 1930 Henneapin Ave.  It has a parking lot, which is pretty unusual for most uptown eateries, but it does help get some vehicles off of the street.


The Rye deli has the feel of walking into a well aged deli, smack dab in New York City.  The owner, David Weinstein, grew up on the East Coast, and went to law School in New Orleans. (To get more of David’s story, check out my interview with him from January of 2012.)  You can tell that he worked hard to come up with the right look and feel for his restaurant, as well as coming up with a menu that would reflect a genuine New York style deli.


Display case and sandwich making area.

The building that the deli is located in was formerly a restaurant, but when David took over the space, they made sure to open the space up more, get more light and decorate it in the appropriate deli style. There are darker cozy areas and then there are brighter areas near the windows, as well as an outdoor patio area for when the weather in neither too wet or too hot.


They open during the week at 11am to offer lunch and on the weekend, starting at 7am for brunch that is served until 2pm. They also offer a Happy Hour that runs from 2pm – 7pm and 10pm – 12am.  They cure and smoke their own meats, offer fresh bagels and made-from-scratch food. Doesn’t that sound like a place that you just want to try?


Looking for something unique and different in the Twin Cities? Give the Rye Deli a try.

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