Faces of Minnesota – Christina Sandok

Christina Sandok is a specialist in authentic design. Her company, Style Architects, helps companies achieve better branding and presentation of themselves to the public.


She presents a very professional and tailored image, and she aims to share her skills, and those of her team,  with her clients so that they are always putting their best foot forward. He company covers a variety of areas, from personal assistance to assisting entire companies.


Her skills have caught the eyes of many, and so she also has had the opportunity to work with magazines for photo shoots and is also used as a source for sharing her ideas with their readers. How though did she get to be so successful and become so recognized for her skills and abilities?


In part 1 of the Christina Sandok interview, Christina talks about how her early years helped her develop her interest and passion for authentic design. She then finishes in talking about what led her to start Style Architects and what it’s focus is.

In part 2 of the Christina Sandok interview, Christina talks about her company, Style Architects, and what kinds of things that they offer to businesses. She answers some style questions and shares some of her personal favorites.

In part 3 of her interview, Christina Sandok talks about staring her business, Style Architects, where you might be surprised to find her shopping and then ends with giving a tour of her new office space.

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