Faces of Minnesota – Jamie Yuccas

Jamie Yuccas started working for WCCO-tv in the summer of of 2011, and promptly starting working on the Saturday Morning show, along with co-host Matt Brinkman. Jamie grew up in Minnesota and no doubt jumped at the chance to cover the news in her home state.

In this 3-part interview with her, you’ll learn about her working career and what some of her interests and talents are, as well as some of her likes and dislikes.  Find out if all of the teasing that Matt Brickman does about her cooking is real or not.  What does she like doing with her time off, and who does she enjoy spending time with?

In part 1 of the Jammie Yuccas interview, she talks about why she got interested in journalism and the news in the first place. She then goes on to share some of her stories about other news stations that she worked before coming to WCCO, and what those experiences were like for her.

In part 2 of her interview, Jamie Yuccas talks about her work in Florida and her decision to move back to Minnesota. How she was able to connect with Matt Brickman and create great chemistry for their Saturday Morning television show. She ends by discussing her cooking skills and her exercise regiment.

In part 3 of her interview, Jamie Yuccas talks about her pets, what she’s afraid of, what makes her the happiest, what sound irritates her the most and what time of day is her favorite.

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