Land of 10,000 Eats – Highland Grill

I’ve been able to visit a few of the Blue Plate Restaurant locations over the years. The Edina Grill,  Longfellow Grill and The Lowry. So the Highland Grill would be my 4th location to try and see what I though of their food.  I went at lunchtime, and there was a big banner touting that they had a new menu, so it was good to see what they offered now.

The restaurants space was very crowded, and so that’s generally a good sign of a good place to eat at if it’s hard to find a space to sit. I did find a seat near the windows, and proceeded to look at the menu to figure out what I would like to eat. I first noticed a number of breakfast items on their menu, but it was already past noon, so I didn’t figure that they’d have any of those items available, but I was wrong, breakfast was still available. My stomach, mind and heart were all happy about that! So I looked through the menu, and there were a number of good options to choose from.  After whittling down my options, I decided to go with pancakes and hash browns.  By the description on the menu, I was looking forward to it, and it didn’t disappoint!

To be specific, what I ordered was the 3 oatmeal pancakes with granola, blueberries and sliced banana on top of them with maple syrup.  I am someone that is kind of picky about their pancakes.  I don’t like them too thick and breadish, and I don’t like them doughy or dry.  These were non of them. They had a great consistency and tasted very good and healthy. The hash browns were a little mushy at their core, but not bad.

Overall I had a good experience at the Highland Grill. The waitress was friendly, helpful and very attentive to the wants and needs of the table.  If you’re in the Highland neighborhood in St. Paul and looking for a good place to eat, check out the Highland Grill.


Highland Grill – 771 South Cleveland Avenue  Saint Paul, MN 55116

(651) 690-1173

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