Land of 10,000 Eats – The Left Handed Cook

The Midtown Global Market has a wide variety of tastes and flavors for those looking for something different from typical Midwestern fare. In the winter of 2011-2012, 2 people living in Los Angeles, thought that Minneapolis would be a good place for them to live and open a space to showcase their food creativity and talents. A change of lifestyle and pace that would suit them better than what they had been experiencing in California.  So Thomas and Kat opened The Left Handed Cook in May of 2012.

Thomas has a number of years of experience as a cook under his belt. This isn’t just two people that woke up and decided to open their own space to sell food. Thomas had worked primarily as a sushi chef in his career, but right before he and Kat moved to Minnesota,  he operated his own space that did very well in selling hamburgers at a beach location.

Now that Thomas and Kat are in Minnesota, they have had a great response to their food. Generally when a person opens a new business, they expect it to grow in popularity over time, but their business has had a response far greater than they expected out of the “gate”.   Not only has that brought them much joy and satisfaction, but they’ve also had to hire more staff to keep up with providing great service for their expanding popularity. A VERY good sign!

So what to try? Their menu is continuing to evolve and develop, based on their vision as well as the response from their customers. Many of which are repeat customers, which is also a good sign.  By far their most popular dish is their fried chicken.  Now this isn’t your father’s fried chicken, nor an original recipe that you may be accustomed to.  This is a 21 ingredient fried chicken with lots of flavor and some “kick” to it.  Sure to give your tastebuds a jolt of sensations.  So go and check out this new space, brought to all the way from California.



VIDEO: Get to know the owners of “The Left Handed Cook”.

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