Faces of Minnesota – Rena Sarigianopoulos

Rena Sarigianopoulos is a weekend anchor and a reporter for KARE 11 in the Minneapolis/St. Paul television market. She has been there for over 6 years and has become a fixture on their network. When she’s not in front of a camera, what kinds of things does she get involved with? What are some of her favorite sports, and if she could play one of them professionally, what position does she think she could play at? Finally, a few years ago, Rena had a run in with a professional golfer that you might have heard of, Tiger Woods.  What happened that triggered him to respond the way he did to her? Find out in this 3 part interview with her.

In part 1 or Rena’s interview, she talks about how she got interested in journalism, how she got to learn the business of covering and sharing the news, and shares how it is working with weekend co-anchor Eric Perkins.

In part 2 of Rena’s interview, she talks about her run in with Tiger Woods on a golf course, what she does locally to show support for different causes, what her running regiment is like and what she does with her time outside of her work.

In part 3 of her interview, Rena talks about her favorite sports to follow. What it takes to prep for anchor duties and the skill it takes to pronounce international names amongst athletes.

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