Faces of Minnesota – Matt Brickman

Matt Brickman works for WCCO-TV as a reporter and handles the weather reporting for the station, primarily on the weekends. On Saturdays, he is the co-host of the WCCO Saturday Morning show, where he handles an informative and often entertaining segment called  “Best of MN”. As a newbie to Minnesota, he gets feedback from viewers on a variety of places to go that offer the “Best of…” something, and then gives a report on his findings. Where though did he come from? What does he like to do outside of the newsroom? In Part 1 of his 3-part interview, Matt shares the early years of his career doing television. He then talks about his start with WCCO-TV and then shares some of his favorite “Best of MN” segments.

In part 2 of Matt’s interview, he talks about his experience in connecting with others on television, Jamie Yuccas’ cooking skills and adapting to Minnesota people and places. He ends with talking about his running routine.

In part 3 of Matt’s interview, he talks about what it’s like to forecast the weather in Minnesota and the challenges that he’s faced in doing so. He then talks about some of the challenges in doing live television, especially for the WCCO Saturday Morning show.

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