Faces of Minnesota – Mike Rynchek

Mike Rynchek is an entrepreneur and the company that he started, Spyder Trap, has continued to grow year after year. Mike is the President and CEO of his company that offers online marketing to a growing number of companies. Though his company had primarily focused on the the healthcare industry in the beginning, it has since expanded into other fields. Get to know what makes Mike tick and what he hopes to do, along with his company, in the near future. In Part 1 of Mike interview, he shares why he decided to create Spyder Trap and what it’s niche is. He talks about how Social Media has changed things for Spyder Trap and his strong interest in Foursquare.  (Come back to see Part 2 on WED and Part 3 on THU.)

In Part 2 of Mike Rynchek’s interview, he talks about his vision for the future of his company, Spyder Trap. Mike shares his view of the marketing industry in Minnesota and answers some questions from Twitter and Facebook. He ends with talking about what he does in his spare time and his view of how rural areas are using technology.

In Part 3 of Mike’s interview. Get a guided tour of the expanded Spyder Trap headquarters, located in Minneapolis.

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  1. Great interview! Tapping into technology, social media to observe and mold consumer behavior is key. Good job! Yes to FourSquare for more reasons than one. Glad Mike touched on that in this interview.

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