Faces Of Minnesota – Stephanie March

Stephanie March is the Senior Food Editor at the Mpls/St.Paul magazine. She has a real passion for food and sharing her “finds” with others. Find out how she got her start in the food-business and what kind of training she received to get where she is today. Stephanie will also share her views on the “food scene” in the Twin Cities and what some of her food preferences are. Be sure not to miss any of Part 1 of a 3-part interview with Stephanie March.

In Part 2, Stephanie shares what some of her restaurant service pet peeves are, explains how she manages her work and family life and then shares what she feels is missing from the Twin Cities food scene. (Part 3 will be released tomorrow.)

In Part 3 of her interview, Stephanie March talks about how the local food scene is influencing other parts of the country, her thoughts on doing TV and radio work and what other interests or activities that she has beyond the food world.

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