Faces Of Minnesota – Natalie Kane

Natalie Kane has become a fixture in the Twin Cities when it comes to sports and entertainment. So much so that at the beginning of 2011, she started as the traffic and entertainment reporter for WCCO television. How did her first year go for her at WCCO? What kinds of challenges did she face having to do early morning television? How has the transition to her new responsibilities gone for her? As someone that has done a number of things on TV and radio,  does she think that doing a variety of things has benefited her in her career, and should others do the same? Find out her answers with PART 1 of her video interview.


In PART 2 of Natalie’s interview, she will share how she was able to move forward in being a Minnesota Timberwolves dancer, to doing radio and TV work. She’ll then talk about how she feels about doing radio, as opposed to doing TV work, and then she’ll end with talking about growing up and if she played sports at all.


In PART 3  of the interview with Natalie Kane, she shares her fashion sense, where she’d like to travel to, and finally, how she navigates around the Twin Cities.

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