Faces Of Minnesota – Elizabeth Ries

You may have seen her on the Twin Cities based entertainment show “Twin Cities Live”.  You may have also heard her voice sharing celebrity pop-culture news on MyTalk 107.1 FM with a “Dirt Alert”.  What though are her interests? Who’s “Henry”? What’s it been like being a homeowner for the first time and what’s her decorating style? Find out answers to those questions and more by checking out PART 1 of this interview with Elizabeth Ries.


What kind of cooking does Elizabeth like to do? What’s her favorite dish to make or eat? Hot-n-spicy or mild flavors? Find out her answers by watching PART 2 of her interview.

What are some of the places that Elizabeth has been able to travel to, and where would she still like to go visit? What kind of exercise routine does Elizabeth have? Why does John Hanson tease her about dating? Find out what Elizabeth thinks about the social media platform Pinterest. Find out what Elizabeth thinks by watching PART 3 of her interview.

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