Twitterview with Emily Dingmann

Today’s Food-Friday Twitterview guest is @nutrionisteat (Emily Dingmann). Should I tell her that I just ate corn dogs. #confession :)

Emily:    HA!

Q – #1    So @nutritionisteat, where did you grow up, go to school and what was your 1st job as an adult?

Emily:    I grew up in Baraboo, WI (small town) and came to the twin cities to attend the U of M! Go Gophers!!

My first job (well, and only so far) has been working with French MEadow Bakery in Marketing. I wanted to work

in the natural foods industry

Q – #2    I see. So what did you major in at the #UofMN, and what got you interested in marketing?

Emily:    I graduated with a degree in Nutrition. I’ve loved food for a long time now.

hospital work wasn’t for me and i loved and believed in natural foods so wanted to work in that business

FMB was perfect for me. local, natural, organic foods! I didn’t realize I was into marketing until I was into it

but now I love it! (And I’ve turned into a computer/internet nerd!!) :)

Q – #3    Well, your passion for the food will definitly come across in the marketing. In addition to marketing, do you blog?

Emily:    YES! I started a blog about 2.5 years ago ( which is all about food, nutrition, health and me!

I’ve met so many great people online and off (like you!) it has been so much fun and I never expected to love blogging

as much as I do! I have learned a lot in the last few years!

Q – #4    Be sure to go to the @MNBlogCon if you aren’t already. Had you liked to write before that you did blogging?

Emily:    I’ve always enjoyed writing, but never thought I’d be doing it as much as I do now!

Now I’m a fully obsessed blogger! I’ve also really gotten into photography, although I still have tons to learn!

Q – #5    How do you come up with things to post about?  Is cooking or shopping at a farmers market ever discussed?

Emily:    Sometimes topics just come to me, sometimes ppl ask questions or I’ll share my daily eats/routine with readers

I’ve def done posts on the farmers market – but haven’t gotten a chance to attend as much as I like to this summer. :(

I just love the vibe at farmers markets, nothing better!

Q – #6    What are some things about nutrition that you feel people don’t understand or know about?

Emily:    I think a lot of times ppl focus on what they CAN’T have or DO if they are living a healthy lifestyle.

I like to focus on the foods you CAN enjoy and that all foods have their place. I’m a regular at @Bulldog_NE. :)

Now is the time to enjoy the MN Fair! (and walk around A LOT!!) Ha.

Q – #7    Lets find out some of your FAVORITE(S) – Restaurant(s), store(s), comfort food, farmers market and vegetable.

Emily:    OOoh! Favorite restaurants: 112, Alma, @Bulldog_NE . Stores? I love @thewedge coop, whole foods, covered for clothes

I live really close to MillCity Farmers Market so that is my fave to visit and favorite vegetable of the season is kale!

comfort food for me is wine and cheese. my favorites!

Q – #8    Do you feel that because of our geographic location and 6-month winters, that Minnesotans miss out on healthy foods?

Emily:    It depends. winters now don’t mean living on meat and potatoes. we can get veggies year round

they may not be the highest quality (tomatoes?!) or as much fun as going to farmers marketbut it is definitely do-able!

As with anytime of the year, you need to make your health a priority! I teach this to kids every summer @campendeavor

Q – #9    It is tougher! :) To close, what professional or personal goal do you hope to achieve in the next year or 2?

Emily:    Well, I’m getting married on 9/17 then moving to California! Two big personal life changes and both very exciting!

Q – #10    WOW!!! Okay, getting married AND moving are big things. CONGRATS! To what area of CA and do you have work there?

Emily:    Thank you! We are moving to LA and working on the job situation. :)

@JoelECarlson:    All the best to you in your NEW life adventures! Thanks for taking time for #jectv. Enjoy your weekend! :)

Emily:    Thank you SO much for the opportunity. So much fun, hope you make it out to the fair! :)

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