Twitterview with Will Hsu

Hello everyone! Welcome to today’s Food-Friday Twitterview featuring @wphsu as today’s guest. Lets get cooking!

Will:    Thanks for inviting me to be part of your Food-Friday Twitterview. I’m excited to get started!

Q – #1    So @wphsu, share with everyone following today, where did you grow up and go to school?

Will:    I grew up in Wausau, WI and worked the family farm as a kid. I went to undergraduate @UWMadison and later went on for my MBA.

I got my MBA a few years ago at Harvard Business School, proud to be a @UWMadison alum and @HBSAlumni

Q – #2     I see. So after schooling, what did you do and how did you end up in MN?

Will:    After undergrad I started at General Mills in Mpls. They sponsored my MBA @HBSAlumni, I’ve moved around w/ the company.

I’ve been fortunate to live a lot of places, including Boston, Phoenix, Beijing, Taipei, but have loved living here.

Although I will say there is always a soft spot in my heart for Wisconsin and Madison. I still call it “home”.

Q – #3    How then did you get connected with #GenMills, and what’s your role with them?

Will:    There’s a funny story about #GenMills and my start here, too long for Twitter. Suffice it to say, friends working here.

Recruited out of @UWMadison School of Business for #GenMills Finance Leadership Development Program. Still in finance.

I’m currently Sr Finance Manager, Global Financial Systems – Controller’s Dept. A long way of saying, I manage teams.

Our teams are responsible for internal and external financial reporting systems that are used by the company. Exciting.

Q – #4    Lets now move to your blogging activities. How does someone interested in Finance get into food blogging?

Will:    Great question. I started blogging in 2004 before I went to @HBSAlumni and gained a following as a b-school blogger.

After MBA I blogged about work & life, got back into it during wedding planning two years ago with my now wife Jenny.

We had a lot of family internationally that couldn’t attend the wedding, so we used blogging to share things with them.

After the wedding and honeymoon glow subsided, Jenny and I started blogging about cooking at home and dining in the TC.

It’s been crazy to see the growth in social media and blogging, but I’ve also found it to be a wonderful community.

Jenny and I love food and we enjoy sharing it w/ others. So blogging about cooking & dining was just a natural outlet.

Q – #5    Interesting! So your blog has evolved as your life has. What are some recent places that you’ve commented on?

Will:    Yes, I’m sure someday we’ll be the parents blogging about our kids. Recently we’ve been to some of our local favorites.

Some of our recent faves include @HeidisMpls, Restaurant Alma, and Cafe Levain. @AdamVickerman is always cooking.

We try to eat out 2-3x and cook 4-5x a week. Food is always on our minds. For more info blog link:

Hardest part about blogging now is that we eat out and cook so often, that are free time is consumed by food. Ironic.

I’m fortunate to work for a great food company that still gives me enough time to pursue other passions in life too.

Q – #6    So you are more of a local restaurant goer as opposed to chain restaurants?

Will:    That’s a softball question! I’m a local convert. Local restaurants, local produce, and more recently local meat.

I’ll eat at local restaurants when I travel, growing up in a rural farming community as a kid, everything is local.

We have so many wonderful restaurants and talented chefs here in the TC, why wouldn’t you eat local? That’s the ? I ask

2 individuals particularly shaped how Jenny and I eat now, Brenda Langton @spoonriver1 & @ScottPampuch @CTKitchentable

I’ve also been influenced & supported by a great group of other "local" #MNFoodBloggers who support the local movement.

Interactions w/ amazing local restaurants, chefs, bloggers and farmers have made us realize how interconnected we are.

Q – #7    More about YOU: Favorite(s) Restaurant, comfort food, vegetable, spice or herb, city to eat in.

Will:    Soapbox off. Favorite local restaurant all-time: Restaurant Alma. @HeidisMpls wasn’t here when I moved to Mpls in 2000.

Fave food: Big steaming bowl of ramen. My wife will laugh when she reads this. She says I can eat noodle soup everyday.

I’m assuming potatoes don’t count as a vegetable. I consider them a starch, where’s that outdated USDA food pyramid.

Favorite spice: Anything red, smoked paprika, chipotle, cayenne, red curry, etc. Hot and spicy is how I like them

Fave eating city: formerly Taipei, but it’s been too long so I don’t know it as well anymore. Recently Penang, Malaysia

Q – #8    To end with, if you could share a meal with any 1 person dead/alive, who would you choose and why?

Will:    I guess I’d have to say I’d like to share a meal with the future POTUS after the next election.

I chose the next President because I don’t think Americans will change eating habits until govt regulations change.

Until then, i’ll just keep doing my own local thing and tweeting with #MNFoodBloggers like you. Keep up the good work.

@JoelECarlson:    Okay. Well thank you @wphsu for your time, comments and prize contribution today. Have a great weekend and enjoy your dinning!

Will:    Thank you for inviting me and having me on #jectv. Look forward to more great conversations with you and others in the future.

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