Twitterview with Rebekkah Brunson

@JoelECarlson:    Welcome to today’s Twitterview of @minnesotalynx starting Forward, @twin1532 (Rebekkah Brunson)!

Rebekkah:    hello everyone

Q – #1    To start off with @twin1532, how does it feel to be the Western Conference Player of the Month for June in the @wnba?

Rebekkah:    it feels amazing to have a great individual and team start and to be acknowledged for both

Q – #2    I’d imagine so! Congratulations! :)  Lets go back to the beginning. When did you first get interested in basketball?

Rebekkah:    Thank you!! I started playing organized when i was about 13. Before then I still enjoyed the game, just wasn’t focused in

Q – #3    I see. Did you have some favorite players that you enjoyed watching play basketball? Any good mentors or coaches?

Rebekkah:    I didn’t start watching the game until college!! But luckily I have encounters tons of good coaches n mentors

throughout college and am continuing to grow in the

Q – #4    Once you started playing organized games, did you ever have times when you wondered if you’d continue to play? Give up.

Rebekkah:    I used to say I would stop when it became a job lol. It is work but I realized even that didn’t take away the fun #jectv lol

Q – #5    Good perspective! So where did you play college ball, and how was the wnba draft night for you?

Rebekkah:    Georgetown!!! Draft night was unreal. I was able to sit and watch my dreams, and many others dreams come true!!

Q – #6    You were selected 10th by Sacramento in the @wnba draft. Had you ever been to SAC? How did your 6 seasons there go for you?

Rebekkah:    I had never been away from the DC metro area and was anxious about having to leave and travel to the west

but once I got there I fell in love. It has become a second home to me. I loved my 6 seasons there

Q – #7    Good for you. Now in 2009, you were part of a dispersal draft. Were you anxious again, or were you better at handling it?

Rebekkah:    by this time I have traveled all over the world. though I was sad,I was excited for a new situation and what lay ahead

Q – #8    Awesome! You were selected 2nd by the @minnesotalynx. How did the transition to MN go for you? How has your 2nd season been?

Rebekkah:    transition for all of us last year was a lil rough..but this year we have great chemistry

we are off to a great start. I have found my role and am being very successful

Q – #9    Being 2nd place in the West Conf shows the talent/chemistry! What have you worked at w/your game to grow/improve?

Rebekkah:    I’m doing the same things I have always done. I am rebounding n scoring when the opportunity presents itself

I also want to improve in being more consistently aggressive offensively

Q – #10    Great! We also need to get you some more All-Star votes too! :) Vote for @twin1532! What do you have going on SAT following the game?

Rebekkah:    yes keep voting. Saturdays game will honor a friend that passed untimely about two weeks ago.

there will be an auction n donation box for the Iczert Tate memorial fund. Theres also a silent auction on my FB page

Q – #11    What are some of the items that will be up for auction so people have an idea as to what’s avail? Where will it be held?

Rebekkah:    it will be at hubberts after the game. We have everything from Lauren Jackson signed shoes to autographed lynx gear

and also some exclusive Lisa Leslie limited edition signed shoes

Q – #12    That’s a very nice thing for you to do @twin1532! To end, how has it been playing with @MooreMaya this season for you?

Rebekkah:    it’s been gr8 playing w @mooremaya. She is an amazing teammate n fun to watch, but more import she’s an amazing person

@JoelECarlson:    I can imagine! Thank you @twin1532 for your time and comments today. I look forward to see you and the the @minnsesotalynx on 7/29!

Rebekkah:    Thanks for chatting with me

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