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Twitterview with Jill Wilson

Posted by on Friday, 3 June, 2011

@JoelECarlson: Good morning everybody! Lets get started Tweeting with Jill of @128cafe to start off things right.

Q – #1    So Jill, where did you grow up, go to school, and what was your 1st job?

Jill: I grew up & graduated from Apple Valley HS (when there was only 1) & my first job was at a stationery store

Q – #2    So what process led you to being with @128cafe? Did you work with restaurants in the past?

Jill: I had waitressed thru college. In my senior yr, I met my husband. He’s a pilot & his work had us moving all…

over the country. So restaurant work suited our lifestyle. I dabbled a bit in corp & non-profit work, but it’s…

difficult to have a work-a-day sched. w/someone who does not. Then I was pregnant & knew I didn’t want to work FT…

FT so that’s when I went back to waitressing at 128 cafe. It was our fav restaurant & a good fit for my personality

Q – #3    So how long have you been with @128cafe, and what’s your roll there now?

Jill: I started there in ’02 & was there until late ’06. The original owners closed the restaurant in 6/07. .

I bought the business that summer, rehired the staff, renovated the space & re-opened 11/07…

so now I am the owner/general manager/waitress/host/anything else that needs doing

Q – #4    Impressive. So how did it feel transitioning from employee to owner? What made you want to reopen @128cafe?

Jill: It’s a role that I’ve definitely grown into. I never had aspirations to own a restaurant, it’s something about…

128 cafe that just suits me. For me, it’s a place that is more than the sum of it’s parts I felt this way before I…

ever worked there.

It’s a funny little space, but it’s cozy & has that secret little spot feel. I work w/great friends & we have very…

loyal customers/friends that make it feel more like friends are coming for dinner than work

Q – #5    With the rise in food prices, is it a bit trickier to run a restaurant right now?

Jill: dealing with a crappy economy is WAY trickier!

Higher food prices is just insult to injury.

Q – #6    For sure! Now more about YOU. FAVORITE(S): Restaurants, stores, comfort food, hobby/activity and neighborhood.

Jill: I don’t get out as much as I’d like due to working evenings & I have small children. But, I love Restaurant Alma..

Zumbro Cafe in Linden Hill for brkfst & Sen Yai Sen Lek in NE Mpls for lunch. I love shopping the boutique stores…

along Grand Ave. Squire House Gardens in Afton is a good place to get me a gift cert :) because I love gardening…

and riding my cool new bike complete w/coffee cup holder & front mounted kid seat for my almost 3 yo around the..

the lovely river town of Stillwater (where we live).

Q – #7    Nice! To close, in 1 Tweet, why should people come and check out @128cafe?

Jill: Have you heard about our ribs? Our totally awesome foodtruck? Have we met? (I’m really proud of what we do!) THANKS!

@JoelECarlson: Thanks Jill! See you and the @128cafe food-truck soon!

Jill: Thanks Joel-I look forward to it!