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@JoelECarlson – Hello everyone, and welcome to the Twitterview of Kieran Folliard. He will be using @TheLocalMPLS as his Twitter account. Lets begin!

Q – #1    To begin, this week is the launch of your new whiskey, #2gingers. What led to it’s development?

Kieran: Five years of being the #1 Jameson account in the world and the success of our trademarked drinks Big and Skinny Ginger gave us (con’t)

the opportunity to partner with Coolery Distillery in Ireland.

Q – #2    Had the thought/dream of the #2gingers been something on your mind to do for some time?

Kieran: You don’t have to be Irish to think launching your own whiskey brand seems like an interesting journey!

Q – #3    When will the #2gingers be available for the public to try?

Kieran: The christening of 2 Gingers will be at 5pm on Wednesday the 16th @TheLocalMpls. Then 530pm @KieransMPLS (con’t)

then 6pm @CooperIrishPub and 7pm @The_Liffey. There will be bagpipers, whiskey barrels and flame throwers. :)

With a free 2 Gingers for everyone (21+) at each pub!

Q – #4    I see. For those new to your establishments, what 2 featured drinks will the #2gingers be an ingredient in?

Kieran: Our featured drinks have become trademarked. They are the Big Ginger and the Skinny Ginger. Very simple yet egalitarian.

Fill collins glass with ice, 2 oz of Two Gingers, fill with ginger ale and garnish with a wedge of lemon and lime slice!

Q – #5    You first came onto the scene with @KieransMPLS. In a crowded food/drink scene in Mpls, what made you try?

Kieran: loved sitting in pubs drinking pints and talking rubbish. Why not punch the clock everyday?

Q – #6    I read in a @MNMOmag article that not only is the product important to you, but also your personnel. Can you explain?

Kieran: As an independent pub business, any product such as 2 Gingers or Green Ox that comes from us internally (con’t)

and is of high quality, all of us collectively feel a personal connection to it. We’re all part of the story. (con’t)

And with that comes a certain sense of pride which we all take ownership of.

Q – #7    Kudos to you! It seems like more companies that treat employees well have a good retention of them! True for you?

Kieran: Absolutely! We have colleagues who have been with us for 17 years @KieransMPLS, 7 ppl who have been with us for 10+ yrs

now have ownership in the company. And hopefully we’ll have many more to come.

Q – #8    Great format to ask this – Do you have any job openings at either of your 4 locations?

Kieran: We’re always looking for friendly people! Stop in and say you’re related to the 2 Gingers!

Q – #9    Nice. We’ll be ending soon, but you mentioned a product called #GreenOx earlier. Can you explain what that is?

Kieran: #GreenOx is our partnership with chef Mike Phillips. He purchases local pigs and lambs. He produces a wide variety of (cont)

charcuterie and sausage. Currently they’re on the menus at all 4 pubs, but hopefully they’ll be available in the (cont)

retail market with the next year or so.

@JoelECarlson – Thank you so much @TheLocalMpls (Kieran Folliard) for your time, comments and care that you bring to the Twin Cities! Excellent!

Kieran: Thank you for the opportunity to share. We hopefully see you on Wednesday for the big 2 Gingers launch!

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