Kitchen in the Market – VIP Event

In the former Sears building off of Lake Street and Chicago Avenue in South Minneapolis, there is a great market called the Midtown Global Market. They feature numerous food offerings from a wide variety of areas around the world, and also feature fresh locally grown foods. In addition to that, there is a working kitchen that is used by cooks/caterers called Kitchen in the Market which recently expanded its space inside the Global Market.

To showcase the space and the variety of offerings that they have available, the 2 owners, Molly Hermann and Tracy Morgan had a VIP celebration on Thursday February 24, 2011.

There were city officials, local media and some friends that were invited to attend this splendid occasion.

The new space is a kitchen that would put a smile on the face of any foodie or chef.  It has lots of cooking prep areas, display areas for retail options and a large area to conduct cooking classes which is a wonderful feature.

The public should really take advantage of this and can do so by checking out the schedule on the Kitchen in the Market website.

There were some wonderful displays outside the kitchen area of some of the variety of food offerings that are available by those associated with the Kitchen.

You could tell at the event that both Molly and Tracy are very happy with the results as to how the Kitchen turned out and were wonderful hosts of the event.

The staff that they had assisting with the event were very kind and helpful to everyone in attendance.  This kitchen concept is a truly great idea. May both of them and the Kitchen in the Market have continued years of success!

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