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@JoelECarlson – Good morning everyone! Welcome to the Twitterview of @myklroventine. Lets get started!

@myklroventine I’m ready. Good morning!

Q – #1    So @myklroventine, where did you grow up? What HS did you attend and what did you do after HS for school/training?

A: I was raised in Rhode Island by New Yorkers. Attended HS in Providence at LaSalle Academy.

My HS had a connection with St. Mary’s U in Winona, MN. That’s how I wound up out here. Been in MN ever since.

Q – #2    What did you major in at the U? What was your 1st job out of college? What led you to what you do know?

A: I did a lot of theater in HS and that carried on to my college years. Started majoring in art transitioned to theater

Theater shaped the next decade or so for me. Did different bits of arts mangement in TC theaters.

Marketing, fundraising, outreach, etc. All the while doing freelance graphic design. Went back to school for web design

in 2000 (Globe College) and have been doing that ever since.

Q – #3    So lots of “drama” in your early years? :) Do you do freelance work or have you primarily worked as an employee?

A: Yeah, soooo different from my life now ;) I’ve always done both. It’s been a nice way to add some variety

Q – #4    I see. You are a busy man! So when did you first connect with @RickMahn and start working on @SMBMSP?

A: You could say that. I’m lucky to be able to do so much of what I love. I first met Rick around the 3rd breakfast or so.

That was about 2 years ago. I was so happy to find the group that I started volunteering right away.

We formalized the arrangement to co-coordinator about a year and half ago.

Q – #5    In addition to your work & @smbmsp, do you have any other interests or side-hobbies that you enjoy doing?

A: Absolutely. I’m involved in coordinating a number of other local groups – @unsummit, @techkaraokempls and @ignitempls.

I’m a board member for @cheerfulgivers try to do as much nonprofit work as I can. My kids take up the rest of my time.

Although I also love photography and reading and try to squeeze them in where I can.

Q – #6    So in your spare time you sleep & eat? :) What drives you to be involved in these groups? How have you benefited?

A: Sleep? There’s something I don’t do much of. That’s what coffee is for isn’t it? I’m driven by my passion for community

I believe we’re living at the dawn of something truly significant and that online (& IRL) communites are going to

reshape the future. Not just through socializing, but change the way we learn, grow and relate to each other.

I also have this desire to leave the world (and the web) a little better than the way i found it.

That’s probably the closest I have to a life philosophy.

Q – #7    Nice! Now for the FAVORITES: Restaurant, store, winter activity, Twin Cities neighborhood, comfort food & recent book.

A: I’m a St Paul fan, so most of my faves are on this side of the river. Restaurant: Pazzaluna. Store: Ax-Man Surplus

Wnter activity: mostly staying indoors in denial. Neighborhood: tie btwn Lowertown & Grand Ave. Comfort food: Chinese

Recent book: Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton

I should have said War and Peace or something more substantial.

Q – #8    What’s either a personal or professional goal that you have made for yourself to accomplish in the next year or so?

A: I’m trying to work smarter. I have a bunch of new projects/ventures I’d like to launch but I need to maintain

the current stuff as well. I think the key lies in better time management and knowing my limits. Fingers crossed.

Q – #9    The Twin Cities gets a good deal of pub about Advertising. What needs to happen to get more pub about Web/SM/Dev?

A: Great question! There is so much talent and passion in town in these areas, I think it’s just a matter of time before

it becomes something we’re better known for. It’s starting to change. The numbers are getting out.

@JoelECarlson – To close, thank you so much @myklroventine for your time, your comments and the work that you do. Keep rocking!

@myklroventine – It’s been a pleasure, Joel. Thank you for your work highlighting the folks in our amazing local community.

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