Twitterview with Loyal Miller

@JoelECarlson – Hello everyone, and welcome to the Twitterview of @00lyl00. Lets get started. (1st and only Twitterview of the week!)

@00lyl00 – good morning

Q – #1    So @00lyl00, tell us where did you grow up, what High School did you attend, and what did you do out of High School?

A: I grew up in RedWing MN and went to the high school there and then finished up with home school.

I went into construction working with my dad after that

Q – #2    Cool! So jumping ahead to NOW. What kind of work do you do now, and how did you get into that field?

A: I work with secure file transfers now. I got injured in construction that required me to change fields.

after my injury and multiple surgeries I went back to school with the idea of going into information security

I loved that role but after the economy downturn I was laid after some time I was able to get the job I have now

Q – #3    Layoffs have hit many people lately. :(  So what kinds of programs or software do you use in your current job?

A: I primarily use a tool called Axway. It’s a way to securely deliver files that contain sensitive data.

I spend a lot of my time working in Linux and use pretty standard transfer protocols like SFTP, FTP and HTTPS

Q – #4    I see. Security/Privacy is important in the tech-world! I see you’re Tweeting from an #iPad. Your thoughts on it?

A: as someone who thought the iPad was a joke and had a stupid name I have to admit I was soooo wrong. I love it!

I use it for everything and I keep finding new uses for it.

Q – #5    What is one of the most entertaining Apps that you currently have on your #iPad?

A: one of the most entertaining huh? That’s tough there’s so many but I would have to say Angry Birds

Q – #6    I’ve played #AngryBirds. It’s kind of addicting! Now for your FAVS: Favorite restaurant, store, website and Fall activity?

A: fav restaurant is Salut Fav store has to be Bestbuy…so many shinys Fave website is either Amazon or Etsy

I get some really cool cufflinks from Etsy Favorite fall activity. Just being outside with the cool weather and colors

Q – #7    So to end today and this week, what job-hunting or tech advice would you like to share with people?

A: don’t let the discouragement get to you and be persistent. The perfect job may not be the one you are looking for

@JoelECarlson – Thanks for your time today @00lyl00 and for sharing. Everybody have a good Friday and a super weekend!

@00lyl00 – thanks you too!

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