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@JoelECarlson – Hello everyone and welcome to a Food-Friday Twitterview of @katenthekitchen. Lets get cooking!

@katenthekitchen – Hello Joel! All ready to talk food on this gorgeous day!

Q – #1    So to start with @katenthekitchen, where did you grow up and what did you do right out of High School?

A: I’m a Mpls girl all the way; grew up in S Mpls, went to Washburn HS, class of ’82. Out of HS, I attended the U of M

Majored in Psychology, with a Minor in English Composition-took me a long time to figure out what studies I liked.

Q – #2    What coursework did you take at the #UofM and how did your life steer you to work in the field of food?

A: I didn’t get into food until much later in life; but once I did I realize I should have been here all along

I’ve always had a passion for food, from the age of 7 I’ve been cooking. There just came a point …..

… where it seemed logical for me to do something with that passion so I went to culinary school in 2005

Graduated in 2006 with a culinary degree and a Wine Professionals Certification from St Paul College

My goal now is to just get people cooking, in their own kitchens, with healthy ingredients to nurture themselves

Q – #3    Good for you! :) Now do you have a particular focus with your cooking? How long have you blogged?

A: I began the blog in 2006, right out of school. It’s changed a lot over the yrs, but now I feel the focus is solid

I love writing about the connections we have to food; the memories it brings, the feelings & emotions, the sensualness

There is such a symbiotic pull btwn ppl & their food, so much of it that nourishes us, more than just physically

I cook all our meals at home from scratch, with as much nutrition as possible, and very simply. The food should…

… speak for itself, with as little embellishment as possible. It should be simple, easy and taste terrific!

Q – #4    You are certainly focused! So are you big on either meat, organic, vegan or “free range” cooking?

A: My idea of food is that there are no ‘rules’. I eat meat, I prefer organic, I love vegetables. I would be far more…

…local w/ more effort, but I love fruit too much to ever be able to do that. I like to think that moderation….

… works for the way we eat. Nothing is off limits, and little portions can mean the difference btwn craving and …

…satiation. I don’t eat a lot of fried foods, or cook those at home so that’s about all that’s really off limits.

Our meals at home are really varied- we love ethnic foods, spicy foods and a lot of variety. It keeps the palate sharp.

Q – #5    So where do you like to go to shop for food?  Do you think there are any kinds of grocery/specialty stores missing?

A: I shop all over; grocery stores, co-ops, specialty stores. I’m kind of a freak that way. I’ll go all over for one thing.

I think the Cities could use more good butchers. We really need to have some ethical meat markets around

I love Fresh & Natural Foods in Shoreview as they carry strictly organic foods. I also love Lunds/Byerlys

Q – #6    Lets find out about your FAVS: Favorite – restaurant, cook book, food blog and unique food/ingredient.

A: My fav. restaurant right now would be Brasa, but I don’t go out much due to budget constraints.

Fav chef? Not sure I really have one, but I do admire Tim McKee and Alex Roberts.

I couldn’t possibly pick a fav. food blog- I love so many for so many different reasons. I just love a good one that…

…focus on good food, real food and simple preparations.

Fav. foods would be anything ethnic, esp. Thai & Asian cuisine. I love chili peppers, beans and bacon too

The most used cookbook in my kitchen is The Best New Recipe, from the ATK ppl, or Joy of Cooking.

Q – #7    What have been some of your specialties that you’ve blogged about recently?

A: Fall specialties, made with apples like an Apple Streusel Bar. A coffee cake with Rice Krispies in the base

I’ve only just gotten back into blogging after working an intense job for the past 6 mos.

So I am really looking forward to having time to explore recipes, cook in my kitchen, share w/the community.

Q – #8    Maybe to help you. Are you looking for some additional work, or are you satisfied with what you have right now?

A: I would love work right now but the mkt is tough; my pref. would be for day hours w/a good rest.

I would love to have the ability to write about food for a living too. With the right pub. I’m sure I could be useful.

I’m open really to all possibilities, pref. w/a lot of flexibility for my family.

Q – #9    I hope that something good comes along for you! :) To end today, what advice would you give to cooking newbies?

A: Explore everything, try everything and be afraid of nothing. Practice techniques and recipes over & over again.

I think that anyone can cook and be good at it, but it takes practice, intention and perseverance.

Ask for help, take some classes or hire someone to help get you to where you want to be in the kitchen.

We will always need to eat, and we should be eating well for optimum health. Learn how to do it well to be able…

… to live long life, with good health both physically & mentally. A good diet is the key to a good life!

@JoelECarlson – Thanks @katenthekitchen for your time sharing some of your life and passion today. Have a great evening and weekend!

@katenthekitchen – Thank you Joel!! I appreciate the opportunity- and you enjoy the weekend as well!

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