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TwitterREVIEW with Butters And Beans (Ann Evans)

Posted by on Wednesday, 20 October, 2010

@JoelECarlson – Good morning everyone and welcome to the TwiterReview of @buttersandbeans owner Ann Evans. Lets get started!

Q – #1    To start Ann, what is @buttersandbeans?

A: butters&beans is a brand new fashion-centric organic and eco-friendly infant clothing line!

Q – #2    That’s a great idea. So what made you think of @buttersandbeans, and how can people find you and your clothing?

A: b&b started when I noticed that there were not a lot of colorful and fun organic kids clothing options on the market…

…everything seemed a little bland and boring – a lot of that “natural” color (if that’s a color), and earthy tones -

…and everything was made in plain cotton – no texture. So, b&b was born!

We are launching hopefully later this afternoon at! #crossingmyfingers

Q – #3    So just a web-store, not a brick and mortar location? What age range or sizes of clothing will you carry?

A: Just a web-store for now…although we may be looking at a brick and mortar in the future :) #50thandFrance

We currently are only working with the wee-est of babes, up to 12 months.

I would rather concentrate on fewer sizes, and do them perfectly, than do more sizes, and maybe not so perfectly. :)

Q – #4    A good place to start! Now is it clothing only or are there toys, strollers, car seats, etc. also available?

A: We keep our concentration very focused – organic clothing only. Fashion has always been my love.

Q – #5    Fun! So regarding your clothing: Local brands? National brands? What are some of the materials used?

A: We actually design and produce all of our clothing in-house – b&b is a brand of its own, not just an online store.

Twitter problems!

Our Fall Collection features super soft velour, fleece, sherpa, woven cotton, knit cotton…lots of fun materials!

Gotta love Twitter! #overcapacity

Q – #6    So who does your designing, and where are your clothes made?

A: I do all of our designing (super fun), and all of our products are made here in the Twin Cities…

…by amazing local seamstresses (love keeping it in the Twin Cities)!

Q – #7    Local is great and good business sense! So to end today, any specials to share or goals for the Co. to share?

A: Our goals are simple – to do our small part for the planet, and to provide a new, fun and modern option for organic…

clothing (adding mama pieces soon). Make sure to follow us for specials, and thank you so much for the twitterview!

@JoelECarlson – Thanks Ann for bringing a great idea and company like @buttersandbeans to MN. Nothing but success to your and your Co.!