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Twitterview (2.0) with Phil Wilson

Posted by on Friday, 15 October, 2010

@JoelECarlson – Hello everyone, and welcome to the Twitterview 2.0 of @philson. Just didn’t learn enough about him from his 1st one. :)  Lets begin!

@philson – I’m giddy with anticipation..I’m honored.

Q – #1    So @philson, from a professional level, how has your summer been? (events, projects, etc.)

A: It’s been kind of a crazy summer. Lately, I’ve been doing smaller projects for a lot of different folks. Learning as well.

@minnov8 continues to let me learn more about the social and tech community. All good stuff and only a few gripes, go figure.

Q – #2    Got to meet @sborsch of @minnov8 the other day. Smart guy! What was your role at the #MIMASummit, and your impression of it?

A: I totally dug the MIMA Summit this year. Amazing what Wifi can do for your demeanor. @minnov8 was liveblogging the entire @mimasummit

I spent most of my time in a room interviewing the speakers and panelists for the live stream. I’m hopeful that video will be posted soon.

One of the highlights was hanging our with @garyvee. I shot some of my own video and will be using that on @remaincomm soon.

My disappointment at @mimsummit was not getting to spend time talking with @xenijardin. I’m a fan & was hoping she’d sign my breast.

Q – #3    Great, I caught a few of them live! In Social Media, #NewTwitter and FB-Groups have been launched. Any opinions on them?

A: Ahh…#newtwitter…I supposedly have it but my Firefox/MacBook Pro config doesn’t like it…I get a blank screen.

I’ve always used @tweetdeck so I’ll stick with that. FB-Groups could suffer from the same fate as Google Wave. Is there a need?

More on FB-Groups…what FB has going for it is a stronger group culture. We have to be careful about getting ahead of user needs though.

Things like wave and fb-groups all have a place in the digital and Social future. Sometimes innovation may take awhile to be adopted.

Q – #4    It seems like their is some copying/competition amongst @Google, @Twitter, @Facebook & #LinkedIn. What’s your favorite?

A: Copying…the heck you say? I think so many of the services are good for different voices. That’s good. @linkedIn is not @facebook

I don’t have a favorite but I seem to be on facebook more lately. Twitter is a great tool for finding info and the DM is big for me.

@philson – BTW, the @apstylebook tells me I can now use moviegoer, filmgoer, and theatergoer. Finally, I can get some sleep (bedgoer?)

Q – #5    Interesting. On the personal side, did you get to travel some during the Summer/Fall seasons at all?

A: We did the MN required “trip up north” to a cabin and lake. State law says you make that trip once every 5 yrs or move out, right?

We actually go out and travel more than most know…I rarely announce being out on @foursquare and such. I think that’s still TMI

Speaking of @foursquare, I think location based Social Media needs to be more about benefits. We have many opportunities there.

Q – #6    Right! :) I wonder at what longitude in MN do people no longer say “going up North”? Are you a hiker, hunter or reader?

A: I’m more of an naturalist I guess. I love the overall beauty of where we live. I don’t hunt. I just can’t pull off blaze orange.

Q – #7    LOL! (re:orange) So to end today, what would you encourage new adapters/users of Social Media to do?

A: That’s easy…relax! I started @Remaincomm with that very attitude. Using all these tools to communicate are not required.

Try things and commit to what works for you, what accomplishes your goal. Keep expectations in line with how “new” a service is.

@JoelECarlson – VERY good advice from a voice of experience! Thank you @philson for sharing some of your thoughts. Keep up the good work!

@philson – Thanks so much for the #twitterview. Still a great resource and I’m honored to participate. Drive safely!