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Twitterview with Ali Kaplan

Posted by on Wednesday, 6 October, 2010

@JoelECarlson – Hello everyone! If you’re in MN, hopefully you get to enjoy the outdoors some today. Lets being the Twitterview of @AliShops!

Q – #1    So @AliShops, where did you grow up, what HS did you attend and after that, where did you go for schooling/training?

A: Edina girl, I must confess. Edina HS, UW-Madison journalism grad.

Q – #2    So a VERY local gal. Now what life-steps did you take from UW-Madison to get you to where you are today?

A: More writing than shopping, actually. Interned Milwaukee Sentinel, worked for Daily Herald in Chicago

Q – #3    So how did you end in in the Twin Cities after being in Chicago?

A: Was ready to move on and @pioneerpress was looking for a consumer features writer. Plus, my mom begged.

Q – #4    Moms do have a certain “power” don’t they! So how soon did you jump into your shopping blogging and deal searching?

A: I’ve been writing about retail since my Chicago days; evolved into column/fashion/shopping coverage @pioneerpress…

Saw a need to take it online in ’06. Created as a resource for local shopping.

shout out to @derickson who built and

Q – #5    Great! With the current economy, do you see MORE interest in people looking for deals and learning “what’s new” in retail?

A: Sure – big focus now on value/local/US made. But beyond necessity, sale shopping is hobby. It’s cool to brag abt deals.

Q – #6    Sounds like fun! From your vantage point @AliShops, do you see any brands or types of stores that are lacking in the Twin Cities?

A: Designer. High end. Cool as we are, MN hasn’t snagged a #Barneys or even a Barneys Co-op.

And @mallofamerica should b able to snag int’l brands like Top Shop, French Connection.

Q – #7    I think the @MallOfAmerica has “snagged” some high-end shops right? What are your FAVS: restaurant, store & gadget?

A: They’re working on it. Fancy new marble cooridor is helping. @mallofamerica is a gr8t asset and draw for retailers…

Favs @mallofamerica? @Nordstrom & Rack, LOVE new #77kids, Levis, DSW, Wolfgang Puck, love it all!

Oh, and QVC @mallofamerica has good prices on some beauty lines (better than sephora!

Q – #8    So what is your overall goal as to the purpose of your blog, and do you have any goals for it in the future?

A: Giving voice to shoppers likes/dislikes, common sense for retailers and celebrating the cool shopping/fashion in MN

Hope to bring to other markets. Great shopping doesn’t only happen in NY!

Cool expansion idea! To end with today, what advice or mantra would you like to share with everyone?

@JoelECarlson – THANKS to @AliShops for taking some time out of her busy schedule to share some of her work and life today. Good work!