Twitterview #153 – With Kelly Jordan (@Kelly_Jordan)

@JoelECarlson – Hello everybody and welcome to the Monday Twitterview with local guest @Kelly_Jordan of Twin Cities Live.

@Kelly_Jordan – Thanks so much for inviting me to be a part of this Twitterview. I am excited!

Q – #1    So @Kelly_Jordan, where did you grow up and what were some of the life/work step you’ve taken to get you where you are today?

A:    I grew up everywhere.I was born in California, moved to Minneapolis, & Everett, WA (near Seattle) and ended up at SCSU

Q – #2    Okay, so you were born in CA, move to MN & WA and then college at SCSU. What did you major in college?

A:    Mass Communications with an emphasis on Broadcast Journalism.

Q – #3    I see. So after school, what kinds of jobs did you have, and how did you end up working with @KSTP?

A:    funny enough while I was at SCSU I interned at @KSTP then I worked at KSAX in Alexandria as a morning anchor, reporter.

I worked as a reporter in TX, & NE during my time in those 2 states I took a PT job in a hospital. I like the diversity

Q – #4    Alright. Now I see on your Twitter BIO that you are involved with radio now too. How did that happen?

A:    I had the opportunity to host a show on myTALK 107.1 and I jumped at it. I host “Minnesota Wealth” Sundays at 3pm

I was involved in Radio ages ago & I wanted to get back in. I also host a show @1500ESPN on Saturday AMs on Mens health

I have learned to never turn down an opportunity. It is amazing that I get to host I missed it too much to say NO.

I am very interested in health related topics, so the show on Saturday AMs on @1500ESPN is a great fit

Q – #5    @kelly_jordan Is that show more of a guest-based show or more of a call-in show? #jectv  re: @1500ESPN

A:    Each week we have a different topic, & the doctor and I come up with an outline. People call in, we answer emails etc.

We have a expert guest come on each week. The show is Saturdays at 7am. You should listen !!

my FULL-TIME job is w/ @twincities_live I’m a segment Producer & I couldn’t have asked for a better gig

I work alongside very talented people, and enjoy the work I do. Everyday is a different challenge.

Q – #6    I’ll check it out!  Changing topics, how has your Social Media experience been? When did you join Twitter?

A:    Social Media has completely changed the way I do my job. I reach out to people via twitter

I was kinda behind the curve on the twitter thing. I joined a little over a two years ago…

I can see trends in the market, follow my favorite celebrities, twitter has revolutionized media and my role in TV

I have had only positive interactions with folks on twitter. I hope my followers are happy following me. #

Q – #7    Twitter is VERY helpful in a number of areas! Who are some people that you feel you benefit from following?

A:    Wow. That depends. I love sports. So @PMac21 @1500ESPN @TomPelissero are my go-to’s I have a few others.

@NatalieWires @kristingast @beautybets and @bbrozak

@forkNroadtruck @jessicarfancy @DeRushaJ b/c they are smart people & I enjoy learning from them.

I am forgetting a lot of people but I gravitate to people who can teach me something naturally. People w/ different interests

Q – #8    I see. Now for some of your FAVS: Favorite – restaurant, store, National News ancor/reporter and summer activity.

A:    @Target. True Thai is up there, Ghandi Mahal. Pepitos, I can’t pick just one. I don’t discrimate when it comes to food.

I am pretty active in Happy Hours, Twins Games, and checking out the lakes in Mpls.

I have been a fan of @andersoncooper since his days on Channel One.

Q – #9    @AndersonCooper is quite good! So to end today, what advice or mantra would you like to share with people today?



@Kelly_Jordan – Thanks Joel. I enjoyed it.

@JoelECarlson – Good point. Nice to have you spend some time sharing your life & thoughts today on Twitterview-#jectv. Enjoy your afternoon!

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